I’ve traveled so much to New York in the past two years, I’m actually starting to get used to the city. It’s still fascinating to me every time I go, but not quite as intimidating. No, I still don’t know how to use the subway system, but at least I’m kind of starting to get the areas and the lingo — kind of.

I headed to the city this weekend for business and pleasure — a few work things to attend to — but also my friend Heather’s baby shower! It’s somewhat of a miraculous baby and so that makes it even more special.

I arrived Friday, had a meeting for work at the airport, then headed into the city to meet Michelle, who had come in from DC. We were on kind of a tight budget for the weekend so we walked around for a bit and then went to dinner at Mexicue.

I’m always amazed what people can do with tiny little spaces in NYC. This was a bit of a hole in the wall in terms of space but they packed it in and even had a special, “hidden” door for the bathroom. It was buzzing and I had two tacos for dinner, both delicious. I got the pulled pork and blackened fish tacos plus we had tortilla chips & medium salsa. Both Michelle and I got draft beer and the tacos were only $5 a piece! Long story short, we both spent less than $25 for dinner in NYC — it doesn’t get cheaper unless you hit up a hot dog stand! If you are looking for cheap, good eats, Mexicue is a good one to try (in Midtown.)

After dinner, we were still craving some sweets so, we found “Baked By Melissa,” which I was excited to try since I had heard the founder interviewed on Girlboss. This place specializes in mini-cupcakes so you get a six pack of different kinds, which is fun. I got strawberry shortcake, tye dye, double chocolate, cinnamon muffin, sugar cookie (fav!) and cookies n’ cream. They were good but honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. It may been end-of-day staleness but…I think I prefer bigger, more moist cupcakes in general.

It was still pretty cold out even though it’s April but for some reason, we STILL wanted something else after the cupcakes so ended heading around the Corner to the two-story Chick Fil A for an ice cream cone. Awww, finally satisfied.

I also noticed we were only one block from the Reebok CrossFit on 5th avenue. I’ve always wanted to go there but, we just didn’t have time in the short weekend. I looked longingly at the door  — will have to try it next time 🙁

On Saturday morning, we were up and originally planned to go running in Central Park but decided to go shopping instead…as the largest H&M I’ve ever seen was just nearby. I absolutely HATE shopping but sometimes I get in there and search. I allowed myself to look through the whole story and walked away with a few items, including this light green coat I’ve been seeing trending everywhere! Can you see in this pic?

The jeans & boots I’m wearing are from Stitch Fix (my next Fix is coming next week and it’s been four long months so I’m PUMPED!) — and the blue shirt underneath the jacket is from Ann Taylor. Seriously, ever since I started Stitch Fix and started understanding my own style better, it’s been easier to shop for myself too. It’s so nice wearing more than plain Target t-shirts all the time. I highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon — and here’s my referral link if you decide to check it out.

After shopping, we headed back to our hotel — Spring Hill Marriott (great location, good hotel though at like $320 a night, more than I wanted to pay) — and got ready for the baby shower, which was being held at Churchill Tavern (open bar baby shower, woohoo!)

They had a great space upstairs for the shower, though the bar walls were weirdly decorated with old fashioned paintings of naked women. I dunno — art I guess but kinda strange. Either way, lots of ladies were there to celebrate Heather. She has about a million friends because she is as sweet and wonderful as pie of course.

The shower was great and Heather is due in two months so…hopefully she is well stocked up by now. We hung out for a few hours with plans to meet up later.

After leaving the shower, Michelle and I wandered around looking for a Sephora, where I stocked up on my NARS orgasm blush and then ended up decided to tour the Empire State Building. Our hotel was just a few blocks away and we ran into the entrance with some time to kill.

Well, it was $35 and a LOT of lines…very crowded and totally hard to get a good photo. I tried to envision Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan meeting at the top when it would have been much more pleasant 🙂

But here’s me instead:

That’s my lame attempt at a selfie. Could NOT get a good one but see, proof I was there. Both Michelle and I felt a little apprehensive as you can’t help but think of the twin towers when you are in at all building in New York City. I assured her that no one would do anything crazy on the weekend because it wouldn’t be as great of news coverage for them. Bad reassurance but helped a little, right?

We made it to the 86th floor, where it was windy and cold, but only stayed for about 5 minutes because we had been waiting so long already and were hungry, tired and not feeling great. I’m glad we did it — because now I can say we did — but not 100% certain it was worth it. Maybe if we had come when they opened and not so many people were there.

Later that night we were SO tired, but still made it out to meet Heather for dinner at this little diner where I was feeling so sick all I could get was a bagel (but then somehow managed to also eat an ice cream sundae…) and Heather ordered the most pregnant girl food ever — cheese fries with gravy, mozzarella sticks and pickles. We were cracking up!

I made it to bed by 11 to get up at 4am and catch a flight back to Indiana. I gotta say, I don’t usually like when people complain about airlines on social media (many times, it cannot be helped) but American Airlines at Laguardia had a ton of broken machines, almost no workers and was forcing even people not checking luggage to wait in line with those headed with huge bags on international flights. It was a total disaster! Also, for some reason, American Airlines at Laguardia has two terminals and it can really confused people. Long story short, AA at this airport is not making people very happy!

Anyhoo, here I sit awaiting my flight, eating a bagel and glad I’ll be back early to hang out with my boys before the work week begins!

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