I love going to Charleston and have definitely traveled there more than any other “vacation spot” and that’s because I feel in love with the city when I lived there for a year after college.

This trip was no different as I felt immediately refreshed and transported the moment I was in the car from the airport. But, this was a curve ball because it was the first time I brought Jacob (technically second because he came with in my tummy 2 years ago!)

It was also Jacob’s first airplane trip. Sadly, there are zero straight flights from Indianapolis to Charleston so we had to book a layover. I just closed my eyes and hit “purchase” and worried about it later. Well, later came and it wasn’t that bad.

See wonderful bathroom selfie:

On the flights there, he didn’t sleep even though it was kind of timed with nap time. I figured on the second flight he would definitely sleep because it was past naptime. No such luck. The kid fell asleep in the last 5 minutes, after screaming for a bit. Everyone was mostly nice aside from one chick that kept glancing back at me because he was touching the seat in front of us. Sorry lady, I can’t help it!

On one of the flights back, we got a whole seat to ourselves, which was great! It was definitely exhausting trying to keep him occupied, especially because he’s just no interested in screen stuff. On two of the four flights, we were also seat where there was nowhere to put an extra item! Luckily on one, they made someone from the crew move their stuff and on another, I just had to grab what I wanted from our bag and make do.

Anyway, I was excited to get to Charleston, where it was warm and beautiful of course. We had several outdoor meals and I definitely got my fill of seafood — it doesn’t get better!

We were able to walk downtime, by the Battery and drive my some of my favorite old spots downtown. We didn’t do any beaching this trip because there just wasn’t time but I was still thrilled to see the water. I love looking at the piers, the marshes, all the boats, the cute beachy shops and restaurants — it’s really like nowhere else I know.

Of course the main point was spending time with Lindsay and Paxton! Paxton is about a year and a half older than Jacob so playing didn’t exactly match up but they were still cute together!

The trip was far too short but it was a good first foray into plane travel with Jacob. I hate to say I’m looking forward to when there are screens to distract him! Luckily, he made everyone he came in contact with smile of course.

There was a kids festival on Sunday so we were able to check that out and also eat dinner at the Charleston Crab House on the water, where I got oysters and the absolutely best crab cakes I’ve ever had. I forgot how good they are in Charleston — far better than those in Maryland in my opinion!

Until next time, Charleston!

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