There are people who do “favorite things” posts every week and I’m always confused how they are able to come up with a whole new list of favorites every single week. I’m a little slower to take to new things — and guess I stick with routine a lot.

However, I do have a couple new items that I’ve been loving and it’s always fun to share. I’ve found, my favorite parts of podcasts are often the end questions where people tell listeners what they are into lately. It’s the best way to find out about stuff you may have never heard of!

1. Rx Bars
I’m kind of a bar freak — and eat several different kinds. When I noticed some of my macro-counting friends on My Fitness Pal were eating Rx Bars, I thought I should try them. It turns out, they have the perfect ratio of carbs to protein (2:1) that you need before/after workouts. That makes it so simple! I ordered a variety pack and tried flavors like blueberry, peanut butter, mocha chip and mint chip. Because I know I’m getting the right nutrients, I love throwing them in my bag. They aren’t as good as Premier Protein or Larabars but…if you like variety and want the nutrition already in the bag, these are a great idea.

2. Girls Gone WOD Podcast
You would think that since I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost 5 years, I would have hopped on this train long ago. But…I only started listening to podcasts a year ago and didn’t think I would be into sports-related ones even if I am CF obsessed. Thank goodness, I finally tuned in! I am binge-listening to Joy and Claire (3 years of episodes!) now because they are fun, funny and totally real. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the middle of a therapy session (Joy is a therapist) with these two but I love that because it’s SO relatable. They are 100% honest and it’s so refreshing in a way I haven’t heard with other podcasts — and you just feel like Joy and Claire are your friends after a few episodes. Sometimes they have fun guests — box owners, Games athletes, nutritionists — and other times it’s just a topic of conversation. Either way, I always enjoy listening, come away with a positive vibe and want to listen some more. I only wish I could go on the group trip they are taking to Costa Rica soon. Next time…!

3. Map Art
I have always loved maps. Being interested in world travel from a young age, I would trace the globe or maps with my fingers to all of the places I wanted to go. There’s something so beautifully artistic about a map — whether it be of the world or of a city. When a DC artist reached out to me about choosing a map of the city to keep and review, I couldn’t say no. I miss DC a lot and I thought these maps were beautiful. When it arrived, I went to the website and saw that “Modern Map Art” does them for cities around the world — and in different colors. I really think these are awesome and would be a great addition to any home or as a gift. I’m loving the reminder of my home away from home right in my house.

4. Dry Shampoo
I know it’s not a new thing but I just recently started using it. I’ve found that if I left my hair air dry the day before and then the next day, spray dry shampoo in it, it gives it just the right fluff so that it looks like I actually did my hair. I also use it for if I have early travel one morning an don’t want to shower at 3am (this will be on Wednesday when I go to DC). I have no clue what it’s made of it but it really does give your hair the kick and freshness it needs for the day. Props to whoever invented this stuff!

5. Mizuno running shoes
It had been a hot minute since I got some new running shoes. Since my running mileage is WAY down from other times in life, I don’t replace them as often. I got a new pair this week and couldn’t wait to go running — needed that motivation. As usual, big fan of Mizunos — and will continue my 6-year streak of wearing them for running!

6. Fixer Upper
I know this isn’t new to most people but I only recently started watching Fixer Upper with Chip & Joanna Gaines — and I can’t turn it off. I never cared about anything on HGTV or anything to do with homes until I owned one. Now I kind of stare obsessively at the TV just waiting to seem the magical powers Chip & Joanna have. I fantasize about them coming over to makeover my home and then stare at the blank walls by the fireplace again because I have no idea what to do. The show is fun to watch but makes me jealous that I have no interior decorating skills whatsoever. I’ve considered hiring someone to help me but Rick and I are so non-committal. Decision making is not our strong suit. Still, I keep watching.

So there you have it — a few things I’ve been into lately! Until next time…

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