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Well I continue to sing praises for my Stitch Fixes. I get so excited when my box comes every other month because (as I’ve mentioned), I hate shopping but love cute, new stuff!

I was pumped when my box showed up 2 days before Christmas, instead of three days after as I thought. Then, I had a new outfit to wear on Christmas Day with the family.

I actually wore this sweater to our Christmas Eve service at church:

In the top photo, I got the shirt, the maroon sweater, boots and jeans. My fifth item was this sweater in the lower photo.

I’m always nervous to spend money on clothes I’m just not sure work for me, but with an “expert” picking things out, I feel more confident in choosing to keep them. I really love how they send me almost like complete outfits together because that’s what I really need. I’m the worst at putting things together.

As for the big, cream sweater — that is a trendy style now but again, one I’d be hesitant to buy myself. With Stitch Fix, if you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount off the total order. Because of that I chose to keep the sweater and give it a chance because returning it would have eliminated my discount and actually cost more than keeping it!

I get a lot of questions about how Stitch Fix works so I will tell you this: It’s SO personalized. And price, of course, is a main concern. When you fill out your style profile, you can select the range you’d prefer to spend on individual types of clothes and there is an option called “cheap as possible.” I chose that for a couple of things but generally keep it one level above that. I certainly don’t need expensive stuff but wanted a little room for better items if they came up.

I also really like the boots in this fix. The jeans with the boots were essential though because I have such a hard time figuring out how to wear booties of that height. This company has just saved me from myself, basically.

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