No, this is not a sponsored post or anything. I truly just wanted to tell you. Plus, I promised a few friends on Twitter a review!

You guys — I’m SUCH a sucker! I mean, who buys something they see on TV anymore? This is basically like QVC-style shopping. I guess I get my from my Grandma (she loves home shopping channels!).

So I’ve seen the “My Pillow” advertised forever. You’ve seen the guy with the moustache and the people talking about how “My Pillow” changed their lives. I never truly considered buying one but…the truth is, I’ve been using some pretty terrible pillows for years. I have never spent any good money on a pillow and that’s pretty silly considering my head is on one for 8 hours a day if I’m lucky. It seemed like every pillow I ever had lost its fluff quickly and I was always folding them in have to get some oompf!

One day a few weeks I saw that the company had received an “F” from the Better Business Bureau but it was for a very silly reason. They apparently weren’t supposed to use the “buy one get one free” deal (still don’t know why) and for that, they got a bad review. It had nothing to do with the product itself. I was kind of annoyed and figured now was as good a time as ever to break down and purchase one.

So yeah, I scooped up the BOGO deal cause if you’re getting one, why not get two? It cost me about $100 for two pillows. It felt wrong forking that over for pillows but again, I reminded myself that sleep and comfort go hand in hand. I got the pillows in the mail shortly after. They were rolled up and packed tight. I got them out and was severely disappointed! Then, I read the instructions. You have to put them in the dryer for 15 minutes first!

After their dryer run, they were the fluffiest, softest things ever! I tossed pillow cases on them and have been sleeping happily with them every night! Yes, it’s been over a week and I have no complaints. They are super comfortable and are supposed to last like 10 years or something so here’s to not buying any new pillows for a decade!

They also tossed in this $10 off card and I’m willing to send it to someone so…if you want the card, comment and I’ll pick someone at random.

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