There are so many organizations and good causes out there. Sometimes it can be hard to know if you are putting your money in the right place. Of course we all have our passions and issues close to our hearts and thankfully there are so many places you can support those things.

I wanted to share with you some of the organizations I support either monthly or annually and why. As we have about a week left to make tax-deductible donations for 2016, I thought it would be a good time to do it.

1. Compassion International. I have sponsored a child from Compassion for about 17 years (insane!) You really can’t go wrong with a reputable organization like this that supports children in need. In fact, I’m volunteering at their booth in Indy at a conference coming up as well. I like that they use their support in the name of Christ as well.

2. Global Outreach (CCC). I first touched base with Global Outreach when I went to the Congo in a partnership with them several years ago. You can read all about my trip here — and you’ll easily see why I chose to sponsor a child from the Congo for Christ organization where I spent two weeks. Specifically, I sponsor a little girl I bonded with there named Esperence. It’s amazing what GO has done for the orphanage.

3. DC-FYI. You’ve heard me speak about DC-FYI before. It is a small organization in Washington, DC that does mentorship for tweens & teens in foster care. Sadly, there are few organizations like this one but it provides such an important thing for these kids who desperately need love and guidance in their tumultouos lives. They don’t have much money but the work they do is priceless.

4. Save the Storks. I discovered this organization earlier this year and fell in love with it. I first noticed them because they have an incredible online presence via social media, video & more. They provide free ultrasounds to women experiencing crisis pregnancy. They have mobile ultrasound centers parked in places where women may be in need of an ultrasound, and yes, that does include near abortion clinics. They do not pressure anyone to do anything they don’t want to do but are simply available to offer resources, information and empower women to know that abortion is not their only option. One thing I learned from them is that many women choose abortion because they don’t have all the information or resources they need to know there are other viable options. Information (and ultrasounds) are precious resources.

5. Rock Recovery. As someone who suffered from an eating disorder for over a decade, it’s important to me to support an organization that helps women get through this battle. An acquaintance of mine started the organization and each year I remember that I owe it to my old self to help others find the freedom I now have. It is a Christian-based organization that provides counseling, housing and therapy for women struggling through eating disorders.

6. Wheeler Mission. Wheeler is the largest, local organization that helps people experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis. They have been around since the 1800s, I believe, and provide housing and resources to people in their programs. I just recently went through their volunteer training, donated to the thrift store, ran the Drumstick Dash in support of the organization. They do amazing thing in Christ’s name and everyone in the area should consider supporting!

7. Pre-Emptive Love. I just recently discovered this organization, which is helping Syrian families and refugees on the ground. They specifically had a campaign devoted to helping those trying to escape Aleppo. My heart just broke at the stories coming out of there so when I saw some people I respect and admire urging people to donate to this org, I jumped on the opportunity to do SOMETHING. I will continue to monitor them and see what they are doing in a real, tangible way for real people.

8. Back on My Feet. My first love! Back on My Feet provides a running program for those recovering from homelessness & more. Some of you know I was heavily involved with Back on My Feet for three years as a team leader, leading morning runs at 5:30am 2-3 days a week and truly creating lasting relationships with men and women recovering from drug addiction, alcoholism and homelessness. It was an experience I will never forget and of course I continue to love and support this organization. One of the guys I became friends with in DC still texts me today and we keep up communication as friends. If you have a BOMF in your area, considering volunteering.

I would love to hear what organizations you love to support and why! Please feel free to leave a comment! There are so many hard working individuals putting their blood, sweat, tears and money into keeping these non-profits afloat. We owe so much to their tireless work and to the visions they are chasing that make the world a better place.

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