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Here’s the real one-year update. Oh how I can’t believe it’s been one year. Do you know he was down to 5.5 pounds a few days after birth? How TINY was this little ball of energy then? We were having to wake him up every 2 hours at night to eat because he was so small and needed nourishment.

Of course now, everyday, I just pray he will not wake up for a full straight 12 hours! I guess I still start with sleep 🙂


Sleep: We still have a good sleeper on our hands. Knock on wood but he has slept 12 hours every night for almost three weeks. I know, ridiculous. Im still always afraid he will wake up but…it’s been incredible.

Teeth: Um, so still only one tooth. Which means that the aformentioned great sleep may soon come to an end. I guess all these other teeth are going to just come in at the same time and terrorize all of us.

Food: He’s moved to the big kids meals at daycare — so eating pretty much everything (in small bites of course.) I’m glad he is learning there because I’m terrified to give him things at home. We’ve started buying some “baby meals” that are precut, etc. and I give him normal food often. I know the baby meals are more expensive but we just don’t have food ready to eat here most of the time. I will feel better about what he eats when he gets some teeth! He drinks maybe 2 bottles of formula a day (in a sippy cup during the day but still a last bottle at night). We go to the doctor on Tuesday and get the OK to start on whole milk. I had no idea learning to feed a child would be so stressful.


Movement: He’s walking! If you follow me on social media, you’ve already seen Jacob is walking. He has improved immensely in just a few days. He’s steps are unsteady but I’ve seen him take up to 7 or 8 in a row. It’s so adorable and he’s so proud of himself. It won’t be long until he’s running!

Words: I feel like he says “momomomom” when he comes to me but we’re not sure. I asked him to say “dadadada” one day and he switched to that sound from the other one he was making so…maybe we are making progress?


Likes: Hide n’ seek, peekaboo, being chased, eating with his hands, being spun around, dancing with Mama, taking baths with his toys, playing outside and being around other kids, jumping/running on the big couch, group hugs with mom and dad 🙂

Dislikes: Going to sleep, when other people have food and he doesn’t, drinking water (he only likes formula!), being put in his car seat.

Hair: This is a new subject, ha ha. He has always had a good head of hair and it’s getting so long. It definitely gets in his eyes a lot and I even used a little gel for his “school pictures” at daycare the other day. I’m not sure we’re quite ready to cut it but soon enough!


Other Things: His daycare teacher says he’s the most physically advanced in his age range — and you can just tell his has this little pro-active, unique personality. He seems adventurous and loves a thrill — not scared or shy at all. The only time he gets a little shy is if an older man talks to him — like he can be uneasy with my Dad at first and this random guy at a coffee shop today. He never seems sad when I leave though he’s always super excited when he sees us after we’ve been gone.

I still love to carry him in the Lillebaby. It makes me feel so close and he loves it as well. I will be using it as long as I can. I had never thought about baby wearing before I had him and now I can see why there’s such an obsession with it!


He is enrolled in daycare full time now but only does half days on Wednesdays/Fridays or I keep him out a full day for one of those. Dropping him off never gets easier and the mom guilt hits me every single day but that’s the breaks, I suppose.

Rick and I are doing great, the co-parenting thing has been going very well for a long time now, despite a rocky start (those newborns are no joke!). We both just adore Jacob and can’t get enough of him 🙂

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