Time to share a few favorites! I know people do this on Fridays a lot but I can’t get myself to maintain a blogging schedule so here ya go today! Also, how adorable is my little guy in this photo? Perfect blue eyes and that smile for days…(he still has only ONE tooth!)

**ALSO, this Friday I will be a co-host on “I’ll Have Another” — Lindsey’s podcast  — with a holiday gift guide that includes all KINDS of other goodies. We talk about great products to give this Christmas as well as some of our favorite organizations to support.

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1. GoMacro Bars
I’m a bar freak so when I got a chance to try out a new one, I jumped. I was so excited when I got my box of GoMarco bars in the mail. They were pretty for one thing — and the flavors sounded amazing. Lavender blueberry? Coconut caramel? Yes, please. I immediately skipped over my normal box of bars for the week and dug into these things. They were delicious, filling and full of good ingredients. I will be purchasing these again!


2. eShakti
When eShakti reached out to me, I almost brushed past the email. But out of curiosity, I clicked on the website and got sucked in. The clothes were cute — especially the dresses — and there were pages of them. They offered to send me one complimentary item and I spent about an hour trying to decide which one to get.

Here’s what’s amazing about this company — every piece is tailored specifically to your needs and wants. You get to pick neckline, length, width, every bit of it and know that are getting an outfit that will fit you exactly as want it too. The shirt I chose fit me perfectly. If you are looking for clothes that fit, this is the place to go, especially if you generally have a hard time finding the right look.Also, they have a TON of stuff so maybe make this one of those Friday night, glass of wine online shopping experiences 😉


3. The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast
I’m always looking for my next new podcast. I randomly found this one and it has been a godsend. It’s been around for a couple of years so I have a lot of catching up to do. I went back to the beginning and started downloading relevant episodes. There’s tons of great stuff about Facebook ads and online marketing in general. The episodes are short and sweet and I love learning on the go — so while I’m driving, making dinner, feeding Jacob breakfast. This is great for anyone who has something to market online.


4. Hobby Lobby
You guys, I had no idea. Hobby Lobby is a magical place and I like it far better than even Target. Previously, I have always just breezed by Hobby Lobby, thinking I wasn’t into crafts. A random trip there a month ago has resulted in a total epiphany — they have everything. Decorations for every holiday, home decor for my new house, beautiful stuff for my baby’s room, the perfect “last thing” for that room you need to finish. Rick and I had to stop ourselves from going crazy and are breaking up our trips to finish furnishing our house. It may not be Pottery Barn but I’m not even allowing myself to go in there so this will do — and I’m just fine with my “cheap” but adorable stuff.


5. Junk Brands
I really like headbands and think they are cute but I can never get them to stay on my head. Even Sweaty Bands, which worked for awhile and sometimes still does if I’m not doing too much, doesn’t work for me anymore. After years of seeing Junk, I finally ordered one of them just to see if they do the trick. Lots of girls at my gym wear them and they don’t appear to move. Well — it’s true! Their material and width is just enough to stay on my weirdly shaped (??) head. They are super cute and though I don’t rock them all the time, I’ve been loving the one I bought!

So those are a few things I’ve been loving lately. Looking forward to sharing more with you on Friday on the podcast. On that note, I seriously need to start buying Christmas presents because holy crap, next week is Thanksgiving and you know how quick that comes.

By the way, I’m totally pro-Christmas music before Thanksgiving so…carry on!

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