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I am not a typical girl. I have never loved to shop. But, I do like to look nice — and basic, foundational pieces are the core of my wardrobe. When I started hopping around the ATM Collection website, I was in love!

Their foundational pieces are easy, simple, long-lasting and go with just about everything. As a busy, working mom, I value this stuff even more than I ever did.

You’ll never see me paging through complicated designs or ultra-trendy pieces. Timeless, high-quality pieces are the core of their line — and it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Here are some of the staple pieces I’m finding best as I navigate the life of full-time work with a 10-month-old and then some!

1. Ribbed Cami
I prefer the ribbed over a regular, boy tank because it’s form fitting. I think they are more slimming — and you can throw them under anything. I actually wear layers a lot because when you’re holding a kid, you can get hot really fast. But I also wear these under sweaters or jackets. In winter, you just never know where you will go and they will have the heat jacked up. Summer time, I love wearing them to bed. Clearly, all seasons!

2. French Terry Slim Sweat pant
Anyone else obsessed with cute sweat pants? Athleisure is the thing these days so you can just buy any old sweat pants. There are so many cute, comfy styles to choose from and I really like these. You can wear them around the house or throw on your sneakers and run errands. As work-from-home mom, this is the kind of clothing I can’t get enough of.


3. Rib Henly
ATM Collection has several kinds of plain, long sleeved shirts but I go for this one because of the ribbing and button down. There’s something about button down that makes you look kind of put together, even when you’re not. I’ve always been a sucker for this style. With the right shoes and a pair of jeans, you look good, feel good and you don’t even need accessories.

4. Slub Jersey V-Neck
Are v-necks not like a uniform for moms? You can get them in every color and no one ever knows you’re always wearing the same shirt. Yes, I’m a v-neck gal and I think it’s important to find one you LOVE. You will be buying these things multiple times over the years (the wear and tear of children & life…) and this one is a great choice.

5. Model Jersey Maxi Skirt (summer sale item!)
It’s funny — I never thought I was a maxi-shirt type of girl until I got pregnant. I bought a couple of them for comfort & expansion sake — but never looked back. Maxi skirts are the MOST comfortable thing ever. Lucky for me, they aren’t “maternity” so the ones I bought while pregnant are still totally wearable. They just fit to whatever shape you happen to me. Plus, so many staple items, you can dress them up or down easily — and it just works.

*BONUS: ATM Collection is donating funds to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer in the month of October. So if you buy any of these pink items, 20% of your purchase will go there.

Check out the summer sale items at ATM Collection here.



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