Hi friends! I’ve been subscribed to Hello Fresh for over a year now and I thought it was high time to give you guys a little peak into why I love this service so much.

This post is not sponsored and I get no discounts to HF but I always love to share things that I LOVE so here ya go.

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Why do I love it? It’s the perfect solution for me because I like to cook but nothing difficult or time consuming. I also like to have home cooked dinners but despise finding the recipes myself and grocery shopping for every little thing.

Hello Fresh sends you three meals per week and the amount is almost always perfect for two (or four) people (you can choose one or the other option.) Each box has just the right amount of ingredients, including those “I never have that” spices and herbs.

Each meal takes around 30 minutes and you don’t even have to think about it before you begin for the night. Not even marinating or taking something out of the freezer. You just always know you’ve got something delicious for dinner three nights a week!


Subscription pros: Each week, you are offered six options for dinner and you can pick and choose the three you want for the next week. You can pick out your weekly meals up to three weeks in advance. But it’s not just those six options. HF takes into considering what kinds of meals you want — quick, simple, healthier, more adventurous. Then, they put together your potential menu. I always choose the quickest  and easiest because 30 minutes is all I ever want to spend.

Additionally, you can get a delivery every week — or pause it anytime. So if you want it every other week, or even once a month, you can do that. It’s all so simple to do on your online account.

I’ve never had the same meal twice and the variety is usually awesome. I’ve literally never had a meal I didn’t like. It’s been such a lifesaver for me because I am not big on ordering in so if we didn’t have HF, we’d be eating way more eggs, pancakes and turkey sandwiches for dinner.

I believe they have just opened up to get more than 3 meals a week if you choose but three is perfect for me because that’s all I want to cook. The other nights are either what I mentioned above, something else uber simple or sandwiches from Jersey Mike’s or something. Of course some nights we go out to dinner!

5 Meals From Hello Fresh

Herby pan-seared chicken
with farro, tomatoes and feta



Smokey Adobo Chicken Tacos
with mango slaw and lime crema



Pork Dumplings
with quick pickled veggie salad and soy dipping sauce


Bayou-Spiced Rockfish
with Southern succotash and crispy roasted potatoes


Italian Ciabatta Burgers
with mozzarella cheese and sweet-and-tangy salad



These are some of my most recent meals — and you can see the variety. They are all pretty healthy, not super high calorie and nearly always delicious.

I know it can sound expensive off the bat ($10/meal/pp), but you have to think about what you save on your grocery bill. We never buy meat on HF weeks and that shaves off quite a bit. And even if you don’t come out even, the fulfillment of having an easy, delicious, healthy meal to eat for dinner is SO worth it for me. Also, the ability to choose to get it every other week or once a month is a HUGE incentive! I’ve been doing every other week lately.

I have no creative bone when it comes to cooking and when I try to “throw things together” it doesn’t work. (Last time I did this, we ended up dumping our food in the trash because it was so terrible — no joke.) So…Hello Fresh has been a godsend!

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you are interested in a free week of boxes!

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