Fall hasn’t been so fun for me in YEARS. There are so many activities that are kid-oriented and normal adults don’t always fit in. I mean, walk into an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch and it’s jam packed with screaming children, strollers and mamas carrying little ones close to their chests (makes me long for a newborn to carry around — could never quite get the wraps correct first time around.)jacob-friend

Not that you can’t go without kids but there’s a certain magic when you do. Even though Jacob is too small to know what’s really going on, he was certainly my excuse this year to start making memories. You start to realize now why Moms are always so big on those family traditions that teenagers get tired of. I’m already dreading that!

I’ve been to the three main “fall places” in the Indianapolis area on the past month: Stuckey Farms, Tuttles Orchard and Waterman Farms. I’m quite sure they had these things in Virginia but I never went once in the past ten years.



The weather has been PERFECT fall and this weekend it almost hit 80 degrees at the end of October — what is that? I’m still enjoying my nightly walks with Jacob but am dreading daylight savings when we see darkness by 5pm!

Rick and I are already early birds so I feel like Im gonna want to hit the sack at like 8pm over the winter! There is nothing better to me than being tired, reading for 20 minutes and falling to sleep (hopefully Jacob sleeps all night too!)

Fall has also been the time when we’ve finally started to chill after a VERY long year of changes and a new life. It’s been only one full year since we moved and changed our lives in so many ways. For months, we had boxes sitting the garage, an empty room upstairs, bare walls and even a full empty front living room.


We’ve now finally bought a new living room set, begun decorating (shout out to Hobby Lobby which I had no idea had so many awesome things for your home until recently!) and figuring out what we want to do with the house. Rick has painted several rooms and keeps our yard looking good. I don’t know what I would do without him — hire a lawn service I suppose! We’ve kind of fallen into our house duties — I always do the dishes for example, he always cuts the lawn. It works!

It feels GOOD to be settled. I have finally gotten into a steady small group at church filled with lots of other moms with little ones and am LOVING the book I’m reading for it. In fact, my life really feels like it’s taken a positive turn emotionally and spiritually lately. I also credit my wonderful therapist, who I found online but I know God led me to her. She’s really helped me find some rationality and see how critical I am of myself. Apparently, I’ve  been trying to attempt super human feats simultaneously (long story) and well, not possible.

So I’m not in a season of thinking about what’s next. I have a few things in mind but having trouble really focusing on what I want. I’ve realized that I am going to have to cast a few things aside and zone in on one thing in order to actually complete it well. It’s hard to do that when my brain is always going in a million directions!

My inspirational zones lately have included:

  • Robin Roberts “Everybody’s Got Something” podcast
  • “Blissful Bites” with Nicole Culver
  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Magic Lessons”

Just discovered the top one so there aren’t very man episodes but I love it. Plus, Robin tweeted me back!


Also, here’s my latest post on Medium, encouraging you to vote even if you aren’t a fan of any of our Presidential candidates.

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