*This post is NOT sponsored and I do NOT sell Rodan and Fields. It is an honest review of a product I chose to purchase. 

I’m quite sure if you are a woman in your 20s or older, you’ve seen a friend or two selling Rodan + Fields online. Perhaps you’ve been asked to come to a launch party or sent a private message with information.

I’m Facebook friends with at least 5 or 6 people that I know of who are R + F consultants. The company has truly blown up in the past couple of years. But I wondered if it was for real. Sure, it was a great way for people to generate income but was the product up to par? I’ve been asked by even complete strangers to give it a try (by the way, I’m not sure that’s a great tactic!)

Long story short, I went a launch party hosted by my friend Robyn, mostly just to meet new people, and ended up finally taking the plunge! (Apologies to other friends who have asked me to buy — I had to pick one person and since I went to this party in person, I just went for it there.)

Age Awareness

I just turned 35 this week and I am very aware of my aging skin. I mean, not that I look old, but hey, time only goes one direction. I always see celebrities talking about $300 skin creams they use and wonder — is it worth it? I would totally do that if it worked.

Thankfully, R + F wasn’t nearly that expensive. They have four regiments to choose from. After speaking with a rep, I was directed to try the Reverse regiment. It includes a 4-step process — scrub, toner, base moisturizer and regular moisturizer. The whole thing takes just a couple of minutes, twice a day. I also bought the micro-exfoliating roller, which I was told improves results by over 50%. Overall, I spent $280 to get started, with the brush costing $50.

Now that I’m about to renew, it’s going to be $160 to refill from now on. That, to me, is a doable price to maintain good results.


Now how did it go? They say to take a “before” photo with no make up on, but I despise both the before and photo I took  so sorry — I’m not going to share them. They are hideous. However, I will show you some photos I took before I used it and after.


screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-05-11-pm screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-05-30-pm


screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-13-28-pm screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-13-38-pm

Overall, I am happy with my results. First of all, my skin just feels better all the time. I also was only washing my face once a day before and now I’m doing it twice a day. When I look at my face in the bathroom mirror, it appears to have visible improvements.

I actually put the before/after photos (that I won’t post) side by side to see for myself if I really noticed and I was surprised that I did. It can be hard to notice change when you look at your face everyday but there was definitely positive change. My skin smoother, healthier, plumper, more even. I don’t hate my freckles but you have to be careful with those things — and they were most definitely faded. I felt like the lines/bags around my eyes were filled in some as well.

I have just put in for a refill of the REVERSE regiment. Not sure if I will try another — or if you are supposed to try different ones. My only complaint is that my micro-exfoliator brush broke but Robyn is looking into that for me.

Any questions? If you are interested in order R+ F, let me know and I can connect you with one of the many consultants I know. 

**Oh — and yes, they always try to get you to become a consultant yourself. That’s the nature of the business but with a full time job, a little side work, full-time mom-ing & blogging, it’s not something I was interested in pursuing.

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