So you guys know I’ve been obsessing over Stitch Fix since I started it a few months back. I hate shopping, I am style-averse and don’t want to think about clothes. BUT…I do like to look cute and have new clothes sometimes. It’s a problem that Stitch Fix really….”fixed” for me. A “fix” and a “fix” because I look SO forward to my new boxes every time they come.

It’s like getting a present in the mail because you kind of forget you are paying for it. Comes in the cute little box with the note and the outfit ideas with the tissue paper. Just put a bow on top and your good to go!


I’m really curious how the average person uses the service because I think I might be out of the ordinary. I generally 4 out of 5 things they send because I’m not extremely picky — and I like it because it forces me to try on things or give things a try I wouldn’t ordinarily just pick up if I were at the mall.

Anyway, I thought I’d show you my latest fix so you guys can see what I got. I am not a fashion blogger so ya know, I didn’t take a bazillion photos so here are all the items I got in two photos total:

1. Diba Selma Zip Peep Toe Bootie, $90
I like them but don’t live a life where these shoes work for me. I hate heels and rarely “dress up.” Cute though! I would have returned but kept because of the 25% discount if you keep all your items. (If you return anything, you don’t get that discount — and by returning one thing, I would pay MORE than if I returned nothing.)

2. Lila Ryan Liza Colored Skinny Jean, $98
These pants fit perfectly, were SO comfortable and I loved them all around. That is more money than I would ever spend on jeans in the store but after trying them on and loving them that much, I decided to keep them.

3. Market and Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top, $58
This simple, comfy shirt is definitely my style, something I can throw on with leggings or jeans in all kinds of different weather. It was an immediate “yes.”

1. Kut From The Kloth Callie Denim Jean Jacket, $78
You an see the jean jacket in the photo at the top of the post. I don’t have a jean jacket so keeping this was a no-brainer. My former jean jacket that I LOVED was lost in our move somewhere and you can always use one of these so — keeper!

2. Collective Concepts Ali Dress, $78
I liked the dress immediately. It was comfortably, fairly casual and went perfectly with the jean jacket. I don’t wear dresses that often but this is the kind of dress I could wear any old day and I NEED to start wearing more “regular” clothes — might help with the whole working from home funk I get into sometimes.

I LOVE that Stitch Fix sends outfit ideas, as well. They know their customer so well — this girl needs help with ideas. I keep all the outfit cards each fix so I can refer back to them. See below for an example:

You can see my receipt below. It can be deceptive at first but here’s the deal:

  • If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount
  • If you keep at least one item, you get $20 off for the styling fee (if you keep all 5, you get that $20 off PLUS the 25% discount)
  • If you return everything, you lose $20 so it’s in your best interest to keep at least one thing.
  • All in all, I spent $300 even on this Fix after taxes
  • I will likely sell the shoes to Plato’s Closet and make a few bucks back on those.

When you are all done trying everything on, you head to your account, evaluate every individual item, add notes for your stylist and check out, which is when you are charged.

If you want to return anything, they send a pre-postage marked bag you can easily just toss back into the mailbox. You don’t have to go to the post office or something, which is the most important thing to me (if I ever return anything, ha ha).

And here’s the note I left for my stylist for my next Fix (which I’m considering moving up a month because it’s fall weather and I LOVE my boxes that much!)

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-11-34-49-amWanna try it out? Just click here to get started. Fill out a style profile, answer a few questions and you will have your first box on the way before you know it. It is so much fun, especially for a girl like me who doesn’t have time to shop and just wants to look cute!

P.S. If you click my link, I get a “referral” notification on my account. If you buy a Fix, I will get a $25 credit for your first box (not after the first one though). Once you get an account, you will get your own referral code to tell friends about as well. Kind of a fun perk!

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