Last week, I ran 10 miles in a row without stopping. It was my longest run in at least a year in a half — maybe more! It was slow and actually on the treadmill because it was storming outside but it felt SO good to know I could still do it.

I’ve been saying I would run a half marathon for months now but couldn’t get it together. Then I got one on my agenda and was like…if I don’t run double digits NOW, I may never do this thing. So I just got it done. That’s kind of how my brain works with any challenge.

The half marathon I was originally going to do — I can’t anymore. So I’ve set my sights on one in October or November. Oh man, so far away. But I’m hoping I can get that same running excitement back more frequently as the weather gets cooler. Likely will be the Indianapolis Half-Marathon or the Monumental Half-Marathon — or both!

I’m still not planning on any full marathons. Way too much time and I’m not even remotely interested in looooong runs (well, unless I got some fantastic opportunity to run one of my top 5 like Hawaii or Australia or South Africa!) Perhaps five years down the road? Ya never know.

One thing that’s tough for longer runs now is that I don’t live somewhere that I can do a long out and back. It’s a lot of turning around and retracing steps because of road work and no side walk connections, etc. Some of you are like me and it’s just easier to get it done when you can roll out the door going 5 or 6 miles in one direction with the only option being coming back those 5 or 6 miles home. When you pass by a path towards home a couple of miles in, it’s harder!

*Also, if I’m running with the stroller, chances increase about 100% that I won’t go as far as I plan to. Not a fan of the stroller running but…you do what you gotta do.

Anyway, after my 10-miler last week, I felt like a million bucks. I got that sweet running high that nothing else can bring. Oh boy it made me miss running. And watching the Olympics this week, even more. Plus, thinking about making sure I’m in the right shoes!

While I’m not willing to give up my CrossFit time (to me, that is more wholly fulfilling), I can sacrifice a little and look forward to running a strong-ish half-marathon later this year. Maybe I’ll surprise myself!

Now someone tell me when that whole pee problem post-birth goes away. Ever?

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