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So I finally caved to Snapchat a few months ago (username: Ericka81). But it’s a weird platform in that it’s actually hard to find people to follow. You can’t “follow” your contact list from email or Facebook — you have to know the usernames of people specifically for the most part.

In a way, this makes it cool. It takes effort to follow people so your list is well-curated and intentional. I like this! Plus following someone doesn’t mean they will see you and follow you back. It’s really about who you truly enjoy following!

My very favorites are my sisters and close friends because I get to see little moments I’d never see otherwise. But for other accounts, here are my favorites:

The White House (thewhitehouse): I follow a few political accounts to see what they are up to and I must admit, it’s fun to follow the White House. They have some great snappers on staff and you get an up close & personal look behind the scenes — and you could not find this ANYWHERE else. So much fun!


GaryVee (garyvee): I mean, duh! Gary is the one who convinced me I had to do Snapchat and well, he was right. Always super pumped, inspiring and on the go, Gary is the motivation and inspiration you need to snap well and get your hustle on.


Katrin Davidsdottir (katrintanja): The 2x winner of the CrossFit Games is first of all, adorable and sweet, and it’s cool getting a behind the scenes look at her life, eats, workouts and more. I thought about following her after watching the Netflix documentary of the 2015 Games a few days ago. I need more good CrossFit accounts to follow though if you have any suggestions!


Pinch of Yum (pinchofyum): The food blogger pros are a lot of fun on Snapchat too. They snap a lot and sometimes do step by step meals. I gotta say, I think these two would be fun people to be friends with and it’s cool going behind the scenes with some very successful bloggers, who are motivating and inspiring as well!

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Catherine Giudici Lowe (catherineglowe): I don’t even watch the Bachelor but Sean and Catherine I was drawn to for some reason. They just seem like the real deal and she is so stinkin’ cute! So I started following them both on social media a few months back, then realized Catherine is big on the snaps after she posted on to Instagram. It’s so cool to get an inside look at their life with their newborn baby. Plus, world’s cutest couple!


Hannah Bronfman (hannahbgood): I first heard of Hannah listening to Girlboss Radio. She started the website HBFit and is apparently a well known NYC socialite type but there is something about her I just love. She seems like a genuinely nice person who has an insanely cool life. She’s always jet setting off somewhere, going to a fancy party, meeting someone famous, boating and of course, gives us a preview of her workouts. I’m kind of mesmerized by her snapping skills, which are highly entertaining.


Ashley Noelle (heyashleynoelle): I heard of Ashley on the Happy Hour and learned she worked for Save the Storks, an organization I newly love! Ashley is really fun on Snapchat, with her three adorable little girls, bits of advice and heartfelt snaps.

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Kelly Olexa (kellyolexa): To know Kelly is to love her! I have been following Kelly for more than 5 years and she was such an inspiration to me as I began my blogging journey back in 2011. She’s 100% authentic, no BS and doesn’t care what you think of her. That’s why I take her advice seriously and am attracted to her fun personality!

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Heather Hesington (lifenleggings): Heather is so much fun because she just recently moved to New York City — and it sos excited about it! Everyday, she shows us scenes from different parts of the city in a fun, personable way. She goes to various fitness classes, landmarks restaurants and more. Plus, she’s super cute and fun so it’s a blast to follow her snaps!


BONUS for Brands: Perfect Bar, Forbes, Taco Bell  all do a great job!

It’s tough to find really good people to follow — who are your favorites? I’m looking to add some accounts but if they are people I don’t know, they have be like really entertaining or pertinent. Any athletes you like? I know not EVERYONE is on the Snapchat bandwagon but…they will be. It’s taking over just like Facebook!

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