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Ugh…never thought I would say that. And I kind of hate saying it because I don’t want to be done with marathons. They’ve represented so much for me in my life — reaching goals, gaining confidence, working harder than I thought I could. 

My running love dissipated a bit when I started CrossFit several years ago but even still, I ran three marathons that year. But life changes you and I really can’t ever see myself wanting to dedicate the time and training to a full marathon ever again — at least not for years down the road.

I’ve done the whole “not training” thing and it just makes for pure misery and an unfulfilling finish line. So if I run a marathon again, it would have to be balls to the wall training.

Real marathon training — for me — means training up to 50 miles a week, getting up at the butt crack of dawn on the weekends and constantly obsessing over when I will do those neverending 20-milers. I dread them so much!

It would be one thing if I weren’t working full time, and if I could stand running more than five miles with the stroller or if my husband liked running too. I imagine sometimes if he was into marathons too and we could train together, passing the stroller back and forth. But, like most normal people, he doesn’t have any desire to run 26 miles 🙂

Training means missing the relaxing morning time I enjoy, sacrificing energy and hours on the weekends that I’d really rather spend with family. I spend most of my time with my family but I love every minute and don’t want to lose one of them

I suppose when I’m older I could see myself trying again. Maybe when Jacob’s a lot older, depending on if  & how many more kids come into our family. I don’t know. It makes me sad but it’s just a distance. I fully intend on doing another half-marathon sometime in the near future. But even that will require a little time and sacrifice more than I currently give fitness.

So…anyway, that’s why I may never cross that 26.2 line again. We’ll see 🙂

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