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I’ve always wanted to be person got those fun box subscriptions but am always a hold out because I’m notsure if it would be right for me. That’s why I was really when Babble Boxx sent me a box for the month of June — and it was just up my ally, especially in the middle of hot, hardworking summer.

Self-Care Status: ON

For me, this was all about self-care. As a new mom, that can often be the last thing I think about. Though I do make my workouts a priority, the rest of it kind of goes to crap sometimes.

For example, treating the muscles I work so hard to the TLC they need and deserve. I haven’t been stretching, relaxing or resting enough. Now, I can’t do much about the resting with a baby that wakes up at 3am but…I can take action on the other stuff.  Here’s how Babble Boxx is helping me to do it.


Yogalicious. Like I said, yoga has been a long lost friend these days. I did it a lot while pregnant but since I’ve been back in the CrossFit & running game, all I can think about is that high intensity stuff I love. Well, you can’ t be your best there if you’re not your best with the yoga & stretching as well. I was pumped to try out the 2(X)IST square cut tank and leggings that I received in my box. This outfit was really comfortable — pants have the right amount of stretch and the tank is 100% breathable soft cotton.


2. Muscle Care. As I’ve mentioned, my new CrossFit gym is quite a bit more “hardcore” than what I’m used to. They will schedule the equivalent of 3 mini-workouts into one class and I am sore almost every day of the week. I love that but I also haven’t been recovering the right way. No more excuses now that I’ve got Village Naturals Therapy Aches and Pains Muscle Relief Foaming Bath Soak, Mineral Bath Soak and Foaming Bath Oil and body wash. There’s a mouthful, for ya — but for a good reason. These products are made to relieve sore muscles, draw out impurities, revitalize and restore your body through and through. You know I love baths and this give me more incentive to actually take the time and do it.


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3. Wrinkle Prevention. So I’m well into my 30s now — further than I’d like to admit — and I think about my skin regularly. However, I’ve been unwilling to really invest in anything major. So when I saw that Vichy LiftActive Serum 10 Supreme was part of the box, I was so glad. It was like a no risk way to try something new that could really help my wrinkle situation out. In 10 minutes, they say, skin looks “illuminated and plumped” and I actually saw that happen on my own face. I’ll spare you the close up but it was noticeable to me! Of course you only need a few drops to go a long way and 10 days into your routine, you should see major differences. I will report back when I hit 10 days!

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4. Every Last Part. There are things we treat well — like our nails or hair — and then there are body parts that get ignored, or beauty regimines we should be doing but don’t. It’s hard to remember all the things! The Tree Hut Bare Shave Prep Sugar Scrub that came in my box reminded me of how important exfoliating is, especially as we get older — and for summer skin care. So much dead skin, so much clogging up the beautiful underneath! Call it “skin pampering” and this one really helps to use between shaves to keep smoothness at your fingertips and prevent irritation.


5. Breathe. I recently met with some of the busiest, most successful women I’ve ever met — entrepreneurs, business owners, VPs and more. You know what many of them said helped them find sanity? Either meditation or yoga or some kind of peaceful, calming activity that let them clear their minds. People say they’re “too busy” for these things but I believe we’re taking away from the possibilities for our success if we don’t make the time. And you can always make the time somehow, some way. Self care items like those in this Babble Boxx require us to stop and BREATHE and use them for what they were created for. I’m glad this opportunity forced me to confront what I’ve NOT been doing for myself.


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How do you self-care with a very busy schedule? Have you ever tried any of these products? 

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