Every time I do these, I’m shocked another month has gone by. I’ll keep this short and sweet, as I know it will never get done if I don’t!

Jacob continues to be extremely happy and content most of the time — and we are so fortunate that is the case. A healthy, strong baby boy that is growing each and every day!


Sleep: Sleep had a bit of a setback this week, for the first time in months. Randomly, he started waking up about twice a night most nights of the week. Bedtime is still at 7pm but he will wakeup around 11pm and 3am most night these days. We rock him back to sleep at 11pm and at 3am he gets a bottle because it seems to help. I’m usually up about an hour each time when that happens so haven’t been feeling very rested these days but that’s okay — I know I’ve been lucky!

Naps: We are so unscheduled! He sleeps 30-45 minutes 3x/day on daycare days but when he’s home, it’s hard getting him to nap so we usually end up doing stroller and car naps to suffice! Afternoons, he gets very cranky especially when the napping has been rough!

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Food: Jacob eats about 30oz of formula a day plus 1-2x servings of baby food. We buy organic baby food and stick with a lot of green stuff so hopefully he likes healthy in the future!

Growth: Everyone comments how big he is for his age — which I guess is true. It’s been a couple of months since a doctor’s appointment so I’m not sure exactly how much he weighs, but I think it’s around 20 pounds and still up there in length.

Daycare: Jacob is still going to daycare three days a week and home with me the other two. Some days when he’s home it’s really tough and I consider full time but other days it’s manageable. Mornings are the best — he will play happily by himself for two hours!


Skills: Rolls over and over to get where he wants to go but still not crawling. He will attempt to crawl but not really get anywhere. He is getting stronger at sitting up but still can’t sit up by himself yet either. Finally does have a strong neck though!

Likes: He loves playing in the Jumparoo and we recently bought a walker so he can practices. He runs that thing all over the kitchen and really likes it. He loves his stuffed monkey and playing with his balls that have bells inside them. He is almost too big for his swing– can nearly propel himself out of it so we can’t leave him alone in it! Loves being tossed in the air and held upside down.

Dislikes: Seeing his bottle and not having it RIGHT NOW, being tired, going to sleep, taking baths, being awake and alone in his room!

 New Things: We hung out in our new baby pool, started using the walker.


Generally speaking, Jacob is still a very smiley boy that seems enthralled by both of his parents (to our delight!) He loves to hang out with his cousins, who keep him entertained with lots of attention. He has no issue with strangers (yet!) and we can easily drop him off at church childcare or daycare. He loves to laugh when we blow on his tummy or make silly noises. He’s easily entertained, loves being outdoors and has plenty of baby talk going on throughout the day.

With so many tragedies that have been so public lately, I’ve held him a bit tighter each day. I’ve watched people go through some horrific experiences in the news and know know how fortunate we are to have this happy, healthy boy. All the scariness in the world gives me anxiety, like I am terrified something will happen to him — but I try to be rational. It’s hard, though, knowing this is my one and only boy, the most precious thing I will ever have.

Not to end on a negative note. Things are great here and I continue to be amazed at how motherhood agrees me so very well. Our little Jacob is much more than we even dared to hope and we thank God for his life every single day.

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