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Exercise programs can seem boring and have-to. When a doctor tells you to “get in shape,” some people may groan or mutter, “I need to do that” as if it’s punishment.

But it really doesn’t have to be that way! You know why sports commercials and biographies are some of the most inspiring & passionate? Physical movement paired with a goal — it’s as simple as that. And we all have the ability to incorporate that into our lives in some way.

For me, it’s been marathons and goal moves at CrossFit. I can’t do some of those things at the moment so I set my sites on smaller goals — and I’ve got one to share with you today.

  1. Check out Spartan Fit! A new book by Spartan Race Founder Joe DeSena. The Spartan
    Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 5.57.16 AMRaces are a blast (I’ve done one) and they have have multiple distances to choose from. They’ve become a phenomenon across the country. This book has a 30-day workout & diet plan, full body workouts sans weights, plans to help you move up race distances & best of all, inspiring stories from those who have raced! It will kick your fitness butt in gear quickly.
  2. 2. Sign up for a Race. They have everything from 5ks (that’s 3 miles) to something crazy called the Agoge, which can last up to 60 hours. No worries, I won’t ask you to do that one unless you are an experienced endurance athlete! They have events all over the country — including for kids. Once you have a goal race in mind, you’ll be amazed at how your mentality changes to prepare for it. And race day is the best!

New races from Spartan are coming out all the time. If you are or know an endurance athlete, you may be interested in these:

  • Hurricane Heat
  • Hurricane Heat 12-hour
  • Ultra Beast
  • Agoge

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You can check out Spartan’s Endurance Races page for more info on these true beasts! I really love that they have multiple events for all types of athletes, from beginners to the most advanced. They’ve gotten very sophisticated with this stuff!

I’ll be running the Indiana Sprint on July 9th if anyone from around here wants to come with! 🙂 I cannot wait, as it’s been awhile since I had anything fun like this on my schedule.

More details on endurance in this video:

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