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On top of having and recovering from having a baby, I had almost a full year off from running and CrossFit — my two favorite fitness activities. I did some here and there but for the most part, I was out for the count.

Coming back is harder than expected. I’ve always been in decent shape but those long runs and WODs are SO much harder than they used to be.


I forgot how brutal CrossFit can be on your body, using muscles you forgot existed. I also realized that though I never had a great core, I REALLY have a bad one now. I mean, I feel SO weak and that is bad news. I NEED to get on a plan to get this core back into average shape, ha ha.

At my peak, I was going to CF 4-5x a week and looking back, I was much stronger and in shape than I ever realized. I’m not sure I’ll ever get back to that. Insane!

I have attended a total of six CrossFit classes since giving birth but the first three were months ago. Now I’m going a box regularly. I like it but this place has serious athletes in it all the time. I feel like the wimpiest of all wimps. I forgot how to do so much!

Luckily, they offer something called CrossFit fitness, which is without weights, and perfect for me at this point. It’s only held a couple times a week but I’m gonna try and go tomorrow to check it out.



Running isn’t quite as bad but I have lost a lot of motivation to run. These days, 3 miles seems like the perfect distance but in my head, I want to do longer. I’ve done 6 miles quite a few times but I really want to get in half-marathon training mode.

I feel guilty when I spend more than an hour on any workout (including driving time, stretching, etc.) because that’s time I should be mom-ing, working, hanging with my husband or family, writing, cleaning or any number of other things on my plate!

However, I know with a half-marathon end goal, I can figure out how to put the time and miles in without guilt. So…just need to sign up for one now!


Facebook Live

So…I jumped into the wild world of Facebook Live. You know I learned that live video is the THING this year at SMMW Conference so I had to see for myself. Yes, intimidating — so nerve wracking. I happened to do my first video on the topic of exercise after baby so…check it out! Also, you can follow my blog on Facebook for more if ya like!

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