Rock Your Baby

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The Rocking Hour

All the sleeping books say — don’t use a soothing method like rocking your baby to sleep in the long run. They need to learn to sleep on their own. Put them to bed before they are asleep so they can learn.

But, you see, that’s not working for my kid.

He’s never once fallen asleep on his own at night. I’m pretty sure he would lay there all night long kicking and rustling around for hours on end if I didn’t break down and soothe him to sleep.

But it’s not really a chore. In fact, I have begun to adore this nightly ritual.

It’s a forced break from the rest of life. No work, no TV, no social media — just me and him in a rhythmic, rocking darkness. Only the moonlight joins us for this very happy special happy hour.

It’s peaceful — and sacred,  just me and him. He’s all nestled up against my shoulder ready to be led into that beautiful state of being: dreamland.

The sound machine is on, the rocking is as steady as my breath. We are all aligned in space and time, our hearts seem to beat in unison. This is the most a momma could ever hope for.

Nothing. Else. Matters.

The moment he crosses into sleep is generally quick but I keep on rocking just to be sure. And just to hold on a little longer.

The rocking chair is holy ground, where my baby and I are one again. He may not need my physical body to keep him alive and growing like he did in the womb — but it’s here that he feels the most safe and secure as he has since then.

I know the rocking hour won’t be here forever. I know this peace will dissipate into the terrors of toddler-dom before I know it.

So I cherish our rocking ritual, when I get to help this baby sleep — while I still can.

The baby books may be right — but I’m okay with being unorthodox for just a little bit longer.

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