Okay so the blog has been all over the place lately, right? Sometimes I wonder if I should do these life updates or if anyone really cares — but for my own sake — I’ll do a little life update 🙂 A LOT has been going on so I want to share it with you. Check out what’s been up!

1. We got a new house!
I’ve alluded to it a couple of times but it finally happened — we are home owners!  (Top photo!) I do NOT enjoy the home buying process because it’s very time consuming and stressful. However, I adore this house, which is in Fishers, Indiana, just outside of downtown Indianapolis. It is really cute and the previous owners took amazing care of it, included adding a “Florida room” (which my husband calls the “Arizona room” since he’s from AZ!) which has heating/air and a very cool, sliding barn door from the kitchen!


2. I have a new niece!
My sister Shelby had a baby this week, naming her Letty Ione, the middle name is after my Grandma’s middle name (she was ecstatic!). This was Shelby’s third baby — and you’ve seen her other two, Gunner and Giovanna, make appearances on this blog many times! This was baby #6 for our immediate family and we are all so happy — the more the merrier! The four bigger cousins already play together all the time and Jacob and Letty will be joining them in the play in no time. I just can’t imagine how this crew will be as a bunch of teenagers!


3. I went to San Diego!
Many of you saw I went to the Social Media Marketing Conference last week in San Diego. Check out what I learned here! I must say, I loved San Diego! I was only there for three days but the weather was perfection and the food even more so. I kept picturing myself living there, ha ha. I got in a couple of amazing runs at sunrise and couldn’t have been happier about that. I met some awesome people, learned a ton and had a fun time.


4. I got glasses! 
It finally happened, I had to get glasses! For a couple of months, I had been getting daily headaches and squinting more and more at my computer screen. I figured, I better get it check out. Sure enough, they definitely said I needed ’em. Now that I have been wearing them regularly to work, I am shocked I went so long without. Also…I could stand to wear them all the time from what I can tell. I don’t love that idea — and contacts kinda freak me out — but it’s true, I am now a person who wears glasses! (These are Sofia Vergara glasses line!)


5. I have a new side gig!
Vey shortly, I will be a co-editor on a new daily email for women called Bright. I’m so excited to be a part of this pop culture & politics focused email, which will be similar to the Skimm. I’ll be working on with several other awesome women, including Lisa De Pasquale and Mary Katharine Ham, both personal friends of mine as well! The email is coming through one of my favorite political websites, The Federalist. Anyway, I hope you will consider checking it out and signing up now before we launch!


6. I have my own Boston Treadmill!
A couple of years ago at the Runner’s World Half-Marathon Festival, I won a ProForm Boston Treadmill — aka top of the line for in-home treadmills! I was so excited but also sad because I had nowhere to put it in my apartment. For two year, it’s been put to good use at my parents house but I stole it back because I finally have somewhere to put it. Right now, it’s perfect outdoor running weather so it may not get much use yet but…next winter, I have a feeling we are going to be very close friends!

Being a Great Aunt

*BONUS: One of my favorite things in life is being an aunt to all these little crazy pants. Now that I have Jacob, it’s even more fun and meaningful. I love knowing he will grow up with these guys and have built in friends for life. Cousins are awesome — am I right? 🙂

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