Last week I wrote about why I’m loving me some Huggies — and I am! But there are a lot of mommas out there who have a much harder time purchasing enough diapers to keep their baby as snug and dry as my own sweet little guy.

Some of you may have seen a couple of op/eds I wrote a few weeks back regarding the White House #DiaperGap initiative. It got me really motivated to actually do something about the problem. I don’t want any baby to have to sit in a dirty diaper because their mom can’t afford to buy enough of them.



What I found most interesting is that sometimes, families that are less well off end up paying more for diapers than others because they may not live near a store where you can buy them in bulk or have Internet access. Long story short, I love that the White House was enlisting the help of private companies, non-profits and individuals to help solve this problem without using tax dollars. These are our communities — and we can love them the right way!

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Here’s what I did:

Before I could even do something local, I saw two Indianapolis women started this great group — and I’m excited to be a part of it. I know so many of you reading have children, nieces or nephews and would never want them to go without a clean diaper. The last thing a mom should have to worry about is whether or not she has enough clean diapers — cause if you are anything like me, you’re worried about a million OTHER things already!

So I hope this post inspires you to reach out and give what you can! If everyone gives a little, it ends up being a lot. 

Personally, I’d love to be able to donate a package of diapers each time I purchase one at the store through some kind of in-store program set up but I’m not sure that exists yet. Until then, I’m so glad I was made aware of the issue & will continue to help those who need it.

The National Diaper Bank has some pretty cool state-by-state information here.

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Wanna help? 

  • Share this post on social media!
  • Click on one of the organizations listed above & sign up to donate!
  • Talk to your local Crisis Pregnancy Center about donating to them. 
  • Discuss your community needs with your church & see how you can help together!
  • Buy a foundational batch of cloth diapers for a new mom who needs them!

Leave a comment with links or ideas that I haven’t mentioned if you feel led. Happy diapering!

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