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In 2015, I ran the least miles I have ever run since becoming a runner. I started sitting on the sidelines just about this time last year when my back issues came into play again — and then pregnancy, which of course is the best reason 🙂

Sciatica magically disappeared in month 8 of pregnancy and I soon began DREAMING of running full speed ahead down sidewalks, through trails, up hills, even on treadmills. When you can’t run, the freedom of running sounds so completely amazing.

I ran 2 verrrry slow miles about 5 weeks after giving birth. Since then, I’ve been running regularly around 10 miles a week. Not much but enough to get back into the game. It’s been an awesome feeling — no pain, no issues. Of course I was raring to get into a race!

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Lindsey randomly mentioned this free 7-mile race on Sunday (they took a donation of canned goods to enter) and I thought — perfect! It wasn’t until 1pm and my last mileage was 6 miles so 7 was the next step anyway.

Lindsey and Glenn (that’s my sister and her husband) started running around a 9-minute pace with their double stroller (and two adorable boys). I lasted approximately 5 seconds with them. It was clear this would be slow. Here they are coasting (they ran an average [easy for them I guess] 7:53 pace):

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I didn’t think it would be as slow as it was but…alas. I cut myself a break because I’ve been doing at-home Beach Body workout videos all week and most of those days included plenty of weighted squat/lunge type of exercises. My legs were tired — and I was running more miles than I have in over a year.

Midway through, I thought to myself — I can’t see myself ever running a marathon again. If 7 miles feels this way, forget it. Of course, we all have those moments but still, it was hard. I even wanted to walk but I told myself what I always tell others — just slow down. So I slowed down and kept plugging away.

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With 2 miles left, I turned on my music to power through. Thanks David Guetta!

I finished in 1:12, which is a 10:24 pace — actually much faster than I thought I was going! I swore I was hitting like 11:30, that’s how like molasses my legs were. 

Anyhoo….came streaming through the finish line with the Heins cheering me and got that great feeling you get when the race is coming to an end.

It completely wore me out too! I had gotten only maybe 3-4 hours of sleep the night before so adding this on top of if, my body felt like I had just run a full marathon!

Part of me wonders if I will ever get back to being in the kind of shape I used to be. I guess it depends on if I have any more kids. Who knows? I don’t really care all that much — I’m just glad my body is working and healthy and able to run miles and make babies.

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