Adapting. It just happens!

Before we moved here to Indiana and I had Jacob, I wondered how my workout life would change.

In DC, I had access to multiple gyms and classes at any time night and day. I LOVED my Class Pass membership and my CrossFit box (which was 1 minute down the road).

I hated working out at home and found motivation from people, teachers and classes.

To Join a Box or Not

I have visited two CrossFit boxes since moving here — and of course I liked them. Of course I want to keep CrossFitting.

But…it’s just not super convenient for me right now. It’s just easier to get in a workout at home or run out my door for 45 minutes. The truth is…driving to a class, doing the class and driving home usually takes an hour and 30 minutes.

I SO want to join and be a part of that community, but planning it was stressing me out.

And if I’m gonna use up an hour and 30 minutes for exercise, I want to actually be doing something the whole time — which would probably be a long run in this case. Plus, to have to wait until 5pm to go workout when Rick gets home is…pretty hard to do (and often wouldn’t happen.) I could go to the mid-day class when I have a babysitter 3x a week but…I feel guilty using my babysitter time for workouts!

The Videos

Then I broke down and did the 21 Day Fix — and I realized — I could actually get INTO this at-home workout thing. I realized it might actually be MORE motivating to stay in shape because I literally just start doing it in my house.

So I’ve got my BeachBody videos, my Daily Burn membership and yesterday I did my old P90X DVDs. And boy does it all make me SORE — and feel like I AM doing something for my body.

The great thing about videos is you an find one that works exactly what you are looking for each day — arms, legs, cardio, abs, whatever.

And I really like Daily Burn because they have a new video each morning so there’s always something different (which is big for me!) I have to thank Theodora for finally getting me on the DB bandwagon!

What’s Next

We will soon be moving to a new area (more details soon!) and of course I’ve already Google mapped the nearest CrossFit box. I’m hoping I will be able to find time to join and go regularly, because I DO miss people! However, it’s nice to know that I can continue to motivate myself to stay in shape with at-home workouts.

Plus, in our new place, I can jump around all I want because it’s a HOUSE! As I said, more details on that coming soon!

What are your favorite workout videos or online programs? 

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