I’ve started writing about 4 posts this week and got stuck, interrupted or thought they were stupid. So here we are again. I’ve got some endorphins flowing this time because I just forced myself to do an at-home work out.

Most readers know I am a morning workout person. I LOVE getting up and getting a good sweat on. Well, those days are over. Rick leaves for work before 6am, I work full time from home and for now, have Jacob to take care of. That means if I want to workout during the day at all, I have to compromise and do something in my living room.

I kind of despise it. I’m on the 3rd floor so jumping has to be kept to a minimum, plus it’s INSANELY hard to get motivated to do a circuit workout when my office, lunchroom, bedroom & bathroom are all within 2 feet of eachother. But I hardly worked out at all this week and felt so yucky.

I’m not going to lie, at the doctor yesterday, I was weighed and was actually UP 2 pounds from my last appointment a few weeks ago. I’m not one to obsess over weight but it bothered me 🙁

So anyway, I knew that a good workout would make me much more productive with work today (those endorphins produce some SERIOUS brain power for me) so I basically dragged myself kicking and screaming, turned on the Meghan Traineo Pandora station and said “Just Do It.” Jacob was not having “alone time” today and won’t sit still anywhere for more than a few minutes…also, not taking naps today so what’s up with that?!

At home apartment workout

So I did this workout plus another circuit of V-Ups, curls, hammer curls, OH press and a shoulder circuit. I also danced around the house for quite some time with Jacob to burn some extra calories 🙂

As usual, I feel a lot better now that I’m done but the amount of will power it takes to do that is incredible. It’s so much easier to put on my shoes and run out the door or just get to the gym and then workout.

I’m starting to think “losing the baby weight” (which, granted, is only 15 pounds) isn’t going to be as easy as I thought. Feeling a little discouraged at the moment but stay tuned.

Here’s to what I got done TODAY. One day at a time, right?

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