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Taking a cue from Erica, I thought I would sit down and talk about how I make a little extra money from blogging. Like her, and pretty much every blogger I’ve ever met, I didn’t start the blog to make money. In fact, I didn’t even know I could make money!

I started blogging in early 2011 because I liked reading blogs and felt a connection to the women I was reading. Specifically, I voraciously read Eat, Live, Run and then started reading a ton of others. Then, the Sweet Life was born.

My first cue that I could get some perks out of blogging was after I posted a photo (in this post, so old the photo has somehow been deleted) of my new Mizuno running shoes in a post. I have been a Mizuno fan for YEARS and I naturally talk about the products I love. I was shocked to get an email from Mizuno headquarters after they spotted my post (assuming through a Google alert.) They wanted to say thank you for being a fan and sent me a brand new, free pair of shoes. I was on cloud 9!

The Money

I’m not very organized so I don’t have a pretty little chart breakdown of the money I made last year but I went through and did my own little tally and found that from this blog alone I made about $10,000+ extra dollars, not including freebies in clothes, shoes, etc. In addition, I was able to travel to Colorado for the Blend Retreat on behalf of Balance Bar.

In the past, I’ve had some other amazing travel opportunities including two trips to the CrossFit Games, Fitbloggin’ in Portland and Baltimore, as well as Blend in Park City, Utah.

I would say I made more in 2014 then 2015, when I was more on my “blogging game” but it’s what you put into, friends.

Compared to many other bloggers, it’s not much. But, I also don’t have much extra time to put into it with my full-time job and of course, now a baby. However, being able to bring in some extra cash doing something I truly enjoy as a hobby turned mini-business has been amazing.

Additionally, I made about $10,000 doing freelance work — which is another huge blessing. I am lucky to have a job that is done online and that can easily be translated into freelance work. I could do a lot more of that but I have too many responsibilities with my full-time job to take anything else on at this point.

Where does the money blog money come from?

  • Sponsored posts via places like Tapinfluence, Pollinate & Fitfluential
  • Google & Mode Media Advertising
  • Paid content & reviews from PR companies & individual brands

I never blog or sponsor anything I don’t truly like. Luckily, because I blog about healthy living and fitness a lot, many companies with the right fit approach me — like Mizuno, Larabar or Dove. It’s a privilege to be considered an influencer and I love sharing products & ideas that I love with readers!

Long story short, I don’t make a living here but I am able to save a little extra money each year just doing something I love! There’s a lot I’d like to do with this blog — and sometimes I dream about making it happen — but the time simply isn’t there. Until it is, I’ll keep on with my updates and thoughts and hopefully some of you will continue to enjoy reading!

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