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*Side Note

I’ve noticed I’ve lost a few Instagram followers and Facebook fans recently. I’m sure there are quite a few folks who have realized The Sweet Life has turned into a total Mommy blog. I thought about trying to separate things but it’s just not worth it to me. While I’m sure fitness will be a part of this blog when I start working out again…for now, my life is Jacob and the experience of becoming a Mom so that’s just what I am going to write about. I hope some people who like reading me for fitness still stick around until I’m back on my feet with that!

I Miss Being Pregnant!

That being said, here’s another “Mom post.” I was thinking today about how I miss being pregnant! I wasn’t really quite ready for pregnancy to be over when it was. I was feeling awesome, active and healthy. I was finally to the “really pregnant” stage where people comment, ask you when you are due and well…just what I always (literally) dreamed of for so many years.

That bump was something I wasn’t sure I’d ever see on myself, so I thoroughly enjoyed having it. I liked my cute maternity clothes and loved imagining who my baby would be as he moved around inside me. Rick and I would talk about the day we would get to meet him and wonder what he would look like, be like. I KNEW then that it was a magical time for us — because everything we imagined was possible and unrevealed.

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There is nothing like feeling your baby move — and the excitement of seeing his little profile on an ultrasound screen. My experience with pregnancy was a good one and I am actually looking forward to being pregnant again someday. Yes, already saying that!

My blogger friend Melissa was due November 30th so I always thought she’d deliver before me. As we speak (as far as I know today), she’s still waiting on her little arrival. As weird as it sounds, I’m a little jealous she got the extra time.

Of course I’m not saying I’m not LOVING every second I get to spend with Jacob — it’s just that pregnancy felt so long that it’s hard to believe it’s actually over. It’s hard to believe that dream I had for SO LONG, the investment we made at the fertility clinic and the confirmation of a positive pregnancy test came and went — and HERE WE ARE with a real, live baby.

I also sometimes look down and am disappointed not to be measuring the bump anymore! A “flat” tummy? Believe it or not, I’m not totally loving it, ha ha!

The good news is…God willing, I’ll be able to do this again someday soon 🙂

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