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**First of all, thanks to everyone who has reached out with advice and encouragement after my post about my struggles with breastfeeding. It’s been extremely helpful and reassuring. We are on a path now that I feel better about and will fill you in soon!

I’m so glad I decided to schedule professional photographs shortly after Jacob’s birth. Originally, of course, we were scheduled for the second week of December or so. Well, we sure had to move that one up!

These photos were taken by Rhiannon Loyd Photography when Jacob was 11 days old, in our home. She was great so if you are in the Indianapolis area, check her out!

I am happy with the results and thankful we didn’t look as tired as we felt! I had no idea what to wear but thought the new sweater I bought turned out well and wow, I did my hair & makeup!

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Jacob was being a little stinker. While he normally sleeps peacefully in the morning, he wasn’t having it this day. It was really hard to get him to settle down and pose for photos. I think he just wasn’t used to being handled so much…so it made getting the single photos of him much harder and we only ended up with one really good one. But that’s okay…luckily, I’m not psycho about this kind of stuff and was really happy with how things turned out.

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I was saying that it’s too bad it’s December because I would have liked to gotten some photos outside. But, of course, we can always get photos in the spring. I’m already looking forward to long walks and RUNS with the BOB stroller!

For now, though, I’ve been enjoying time to leisurely hang out inside. Being tired makes me not so eager to be super active yet 🙂

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So I know we will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives! So sweet 🙂 I just noticed that it was almost exactly a year ago at this time that I wrote this post — about feeling empty because I couldn’t get pregnant — who knew this year would be so FULL?

These photos are evidence of our dreams come true and as one stranger noted the other day, Santa was very good to us this year! The best present under the tree 🙂

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