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Adoption is an option. I couldn’t come up with a less cheesy way to start this post…because it’s such a true sentiment that is so rarely discussed when it comes to unexpected pregnancy. From what I’ve read, the number of mothers with unexpected or unwanted pregnancies who choose adoption is very low — but there are so many families out there who want to adopt!

This weekend was Orphan Sunday, a national day to celebrate the Christian call to take care of orphans. As you’ve read here before, I became really interested in adoption and orphan care when I took a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2012. That’s also where I met my friends Krystle and Evan, who were in the process of trying to adopt an child from the Congo.

Krystle & Evan McLaughlin

Long story short, things did not work out with that adoption (if you know anything about international adoption, you know it can go awry without warning & be extremely difficult to deal with the various governments). They ended up having two of their own little boys, but their heart to adopt was still pounding. And it still is! Krystle and Evan still hope to become adoptive parents — and I know the little one God has for them is out there.

They have a profile on & a video explaining who they are & what they are looking for.

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I can’t imagine the experience of having an unexpected pregnancy — and making the heart-wrenching decision to bear that child for 9 months and then say goodbye. But adoption is truly the most selfless, beautiful, life-giving act I can ever imagine. The word courageous radiates in my mind.

There are many families out there like Krystle and Evan’s who want to take care of the orphans. I hope and pray that they soon find the child God has for them. I also hope and pray that a culture of life and celebration of adoption continues to grow in this country and around the world.

Check out more about Evan and Krystle on their website here. Spread the word — adoptions happen in all kinds of circumstances. You never know how they will eventually be connected with the child that they are praying for.

No matter what you do, please support adoption and foster care in any way you can — with donations, advocacy, babysitting, foster care, policy work or looking into becoming a foster or adoptive parent yourself. If you’ve never considered it before, think about it now. I cannot think of one better way to make this world a better place. Get some info here — a little seed is all it takes.

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