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One thing I have found hilarious is the amount of Googling I’ve done since I went into labor. I know, everyone says — don’t Google it! But — what am I supposed to do, have a doctor on call 24-7?

I haven’t had any really bad experiences with what I have Googled, though there are some questions that have so many varying answers I feel more confused than when I started. However, for the most part, the message boards and comfort that so many people have Googled the same things (as proven when Google auto-fills my question) makes me feel a little less neurotic.

I thought it might be humorous to share with you some of the MANY things I have Googled in the past 8 days:

  • Online breastfeeding support groups
  • Alcohol while breastfeeding
  • Songs to sing to your baby
  • “I see the moon” lyrics
  • “This little penny” lyrics
  • Newborn baby immune system
  • Buy Buy Baby
  • Caffeine while breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding with nipple shield
  • Baby carrier for preemie
  • Cluster feeding
  • Newborn — stop being terrified
  • 3 days old — hasn’t eaten in 4 hours
  • My newborn won’t eat
  • Best breastfeeding app
  • Can’t tell if baby is getting milk
  • Should I nurse when baby has hiccups
  • Should I nurse when I’m sick?
  • Breast milk temperature for feeding
  • Indiana car seat safety check
  • Coping with no sleep — newborn
  • How to swaddle a baby
  • Breastfeeding is too hard
  • How long are contractions

So that’s a start and I’m sure there will be MANY more searches to come. Yes, people can terrify you but I think it was MORE terrifying when I was looking for information while still pregnant. Then, you really have no idea what’s up because you can’t see the baby.

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Can you tell which subject matter got the most play? Ahh yes, breastfeeding. Things are going okay there (and thanks to everyone who has reached out with support from yesterday’s post.) Current issue is that he is eating regularly but something about the way he latches on the nipple shield makes it incredibly painful to get started. Usually, the pain kind of goes numb after a few minutes but the first part is excruciating. Need to figured something out on that front because it’s making me DREAD every feeding.

I enjoy our cuddle times together for feedings — even the middle of the night ones where it feels like we are the only ones awake and alive — just wish the pain would subside. Also, he is not a very quick eater. One side can take 20 minutes — that seems a tad long to me.

Anyway, it’s only Day #8 so we have plenty to learn and plenty of time to improve 🙂

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