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1. Perfect Bar.
These delicious bars of goodness are so incredibly healthy, organic and natural. They pack 200-300+ calories but the taste and nutrition is worth it. I love knowing I’m eating something good for me that I also love. The almond butter bar is my favorite but they have a ton of great flavors.

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2. Spi-belt.
I’ve used a Spi-belt for years and never tire of them. Though I’m not doing much running lately (duh!), it’s always nice to have something small you can carry keys and phone in on a walk or doing any type of outdoor exercise. The great thing about Spi-Belt is that they look tiny but expand to fit nearly anything!

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3. Honest Tea.
I’ve been an Honest Tea fan for quite some time — who doesn’t LOVE that label (no wonder Jessica Alba named her company that too!). They have so many great flavors — and it’s not just tea anymore. They have all-natural lemonade and…my favorite, limeade! So good! Check out some of the amazing flavors,  you will find multiple that you like no doubt.

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4. Momentum Jewelry.
I’ve always loved mantra clothing — t-shirts with powerful phrases, socks that announce I love back squats and pants that brag about reps. So of course I was in love with this motivational jewelry when I saw it. Anyone that’s run a marathon or half- marathon — or done any kind of physical feat knows that a little motivation can go a long way. When it’s attached to your body, you can’t miss it.

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5. Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Green Juice
As if I could love TJ’s any more! Sadly, I don’t think there is one near my new home but I have enjoyed sipping on these cold pressed green juices lately. They aren’t too pricey and you walk away knowing you just gave yourself a big dose of healthy. I love being able to just grab one and go — without it costing $10 a pop. They have more than just green juice too — so check out the other flavors as well!

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