Confession time: I used to roll my eyes every time I saw someone making a big deal about breastfeeding in public. There have been all these campaigns about making it “okay” to breastfeed in public — and I thought to myself…well, yeah, it IS okay. Are people really telling Moms they can’t do it? (I mean, are they? Tell me!)

The truth is, I have no idea how much of a problem it is. Is it something women are asked to stop doing in a lot of places? I have seen women breastfeeding all over the place and it’s never bothered me — nor have I ever witnessed anyone being asked to cover up.

That being said, I DO believe in attempting to cover up at least a little bit. Am I wrong in thinking a little discretion is good if you can help it? I’ve seen that viral video — and I GET it — but I have seen some ladies who seem like they could try…a little. But maybe I’m living in a fantasy world of pre-breastfeeding…

I’m by no means hardcore on my positions — and realize I haven’t actually been a breastfeeding Mom yet — so please don’t clobber me with anger if you think I’m off base!

However…here is where I’m really starting to get it. I just recently realized how uncomfortable I might feel — just myself — breastfeeding around others. Like when I’m hanging out with people, even at home, I feel like I will worry about making others uncomfortable. Of course I’ve never cared when anyone breastfed around me, but there’s always been an initial moment of discomfort for whatever reason.

Then, I remembered reading something Bex wrote (pretty sure it was her!) about being asked not to breastfeed on a plane — and having to do it in the little tiny airplane bathroom — and thinking…oh my gosh, how do you travel if you have to worry about something like that? I realized…I WILL be stressing about making people uncomfortable on planes, in restaurants, even at family gatherings.

So, I guess that answers the question — YES, I will be breastfeeding. And the breastfeeding “movement” (the one for more acceptance in public, not the one about how you MUST breastfeed or your making a horrible decision!), has finally started to make sense to me. It’s a BIG deal because you have to feed your baby a lot and deal with leaky boobs and errands and life stuff and annoying people who don’t get how difficult it can all be.

I know I probably sound like a naive, first time mom who has no idea what she’s talking about it but…it all just clicked to me this week. And I’m sure it’s all going to be fine and I’ll just get used to it — but it’s one of those THINGS that we first-timers are anxiously awaiting.

And with that, I’ll take any and all comments, suggestions or words of comfort — ha ha 🙂

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