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So I’ve been keeping a secret from you.

For many years, I’ve wondered if I would ever move away from the DC-area. I’ve been here for over 9 years — and never had any clear plan to stay or leave.

It’s true what they say, though, the older you get the more important family becomes.

As my nieces and nephews have come into the picture, it’s gotten harder to be away. I don’t want to miss this wonderful part of their lives! I want to be an Aunt they really know — I love those little people to death!

Plus, I want my kids to have family nearby — especially these awesome cousins to grow up with!

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Aside from that, you start to realize — what REALLY matters in life? Aside from God, family is pretty much number one. I’ve always been close to my family — and my extended family. I always miss them horribly and usually travel to Indiana at least three times a year.

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By sheer luck, Rick’s sister and her family also live in Indiana. Though we met here in DC — and he is originally from Arizona — they live near my family. It seemed logical for us to consider moving to the Hoosier State.

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So we’ve talked about it for several years. I always said I didn’t want to go until we had a child — because EVERYONE in Indiana has kids — and it would be too hard to be there without one.

Well, right on target, things have worked out. We prayed a LOT about this — we wanted to make sure it was the right decision for both of us. It has been a BIG deal and not something I’ve taken lightly. We both believe this is a better place to raise our family.

In addition to the family aspect, as you can imagine, the cost of living in Indiana compared to DC is remarkably lower. In the DC-area, the cheapest house we could even consider buying would be around $350,00 (and that’s for a pretty small house with no yard, still kind of far out!). To live in the city or near the city in a decent-sized house in a decent neighborhood would cost well over $500,000. Living here, we pay about $2,000/month for a small, 2-bedroom apartment. Neither of us have ever owned a home — and we want that someday soon — hopefully with a yard and all. So, long story short, cost-of-living is another big factor in our decision.

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Moving away from DC after nearly 10 years is tough — and scary. Everything is changing! I’m having a baby and moving back to my home state, leaving my friends and familiarity…it’s weird. But it feels like we are making the right decision for our family. Of course I’ve always carried Indiana pride with me:

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Rick has gotten a job in Indianapolis and I will continue working in my position at National Review, another huge blessing! We are moving in…just two weeks. October 28th, we’ll drive off in a U-Haul and say goodbye to this life on the East Coast.

I’m excited about moving forward in life, looking forward to the next chapter. I’m also sad to leave this place, these people, this life that I came to so unexpectedly back in 2006. I never knew it would be bring me everything I ever dreamed of: A great career, the love of my life, lifelong friendships, experiences and best of all, the chance to become a mother.

So…that’s the big news — we’re moving to Indianapolis for the next phase of life! I will have about four weeks left of pregnancy when we arrive…let the countdown begin!

I’ll be looking for new friends if you live there 🙂 

If you are a reader in the DC-area, obviously I won’t be far! You catch me on social media and email anytime! I hope to be traveling back sometimes for work and definitely want to keep in touch with everyone I can!

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