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Doesn’t every girl want to get pregnant with their sister or their best friend? It’s always something I thought about — oh wouldn’t it be fun if..?

Well, lucky for me — it happened! Michelle is about 9 weeks behind me (I’m 32 weeks, she’s 23 weeks) with her second but that didn’t stop us from going on a #BestieBabyMoon (she made that up but apparently others are using it on Instagram!).

We wanted somewhere close but not too expensive and good for one night. Enter…the Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, VA. It’s about 3.5 hours from the DC-area but it was well worth the trip.

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Sadly, we didn’t have much sunshine but it was still gorgeous out there. We’re in the prime of autumn colors and driving out in Virginia is the perfect spot to get a great view.

There wasn’t much out there aside from the resort but that’s why people like it I think. It seemed to be a really old building — I kept thinking about the one from Somewhere In Time! It was huge too — plus just beautiful all around. There was a wedding going on that day too!

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The plan was just to relax and hang out so when we arrived, we had appointments at the spa. It was pretty large with a cool layout — though the staff seemed a little disorganized. Things felt more hectic and non-relaxing than we had hoped but I had a great pedicure. There was a little issue with Michelle’s massage and well…thankfully they made it okay but we did get off to a rough start.

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After our treatments, it was time to check out the hot springs/spa area, which included a nice fire pit with couches, a warm pool, a hot springs pool, hot tub and more.

It was a little cool out but with the fire and the warm waters, we were fine in our robes and sandals. It was nice to just sit around and chill. Luckily, the hot springs pool was not too hot but of course we avoided the hot tub.

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After a few hours at the spa, we went back to our room to get ready for dinner. The room was really nice, with two full size beds and a pretty view of the trees with a balcony. We wanted to get ready in time to take a few photos outside. Luckily, we ran into some ladies who were excited to help us take a few good shots!

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We were so happy with how these turned out — and know we will always look back on this photo with happiness. Someday those babies will be all grown up but we’ll have this great memory 🙂

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After photos, we had dinner at one of the hotel restaurants, Jefferson’s and I swear, I had the best filet of my life — it was like butter — soo good!

As I get more pregnant, though, I get fuller faster and I literally could not fit more food in my stomach. I was so sad to leave almost half that delicious steak on the plate. I wanted to badly to eat it but could NOT!

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We also enjoyed some delicious mocktails — man it’s tough staying away from real cocktails on vacation! After a leisurely dinner, we were both SO full but wanted to check out what else was going on.

They had a cool fire pit down in the yard, a free concert, free movies and more. We headed down to the fire pit, where they had s’mores kits ready to go. Of course I was way too full to actually eat a s’more but it was a nice thought 🙂

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Eventually it was almost 9pm and us pregnant ladies were ready for PJ’s so we went back to the room and rented “Trainwreck” with  Amy Schumer. A good girls night movie 🙂

In the morning I took a long walk around the property and thought about how fun and beautiful it would be in the summer and/or for a longer weekend. There was a lot to do but we kept it short this time.

Here’s the amazing looking outdoor pool, which was closed for the winter:

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So eventually we had to head back to town and say goodbye to the Omni. I really enjoyed the the stay and would love to go back sometime. It was also nice they offered a one night stay, which can be hard to find for most good places. It was also affordable and beautiful!

A fun #BestieBabyMoon! Anyone else ever done one?


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