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*First of all, thanks to everyone who poured on the congratulations about our baby news last week! I’ve been wanting to tell everyone for weeks but finally felt comfortable. I’ll have another surprise this week — gender reveal! Stay tuned for that later 🙂

In general, I’ve always been the type of person that thinks ahead. What will it be like when…? Will I be able to do this if…?

These kinds of thoughts are generally unhelpful. After spending 2 months feeling sick, somewhat depressed and totally losing my normal routine…I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I didn’t think I’d be resistant to that though.

My mind keeps wandering back to — but what will it be like when I have a baby? I won’t be able to go to all my classes or have this or that routine at work. It’s like I don’t want to get used to anything again because I realize it’s all going to be shot to hell come December!

But that’s a stupid way to think. I have 5.5 months of life to live before I have the baby so I need to enjoy the things I’m doing now. Things will change but why worry about that now? There’s no way to anticipate how they will change or how I will adapt my life around them. I can read all the books I want but nothing is really going to prepare for it until I’m in it.

The Routine Works

So I’m finally accepting that and getting back to the business of life. For so long, I was up at 4:30, off to CrossFit at 5:45 and in the office by 9. With a new body, new work schedule and inability to CF — things changed. Getting up is much harder than it used to be but in the past couple of weeks, I’ve forced myself to get back on a morning workout schedule and it’s making a huge difference.

There’s just something about prioritizing that first thing that motivates me for everything else that I tackle in life. I can’t explain the power it has to make the morning a million times better and remind me of all the things I really do love about life. Even if I only had a few weeks left to wait, I’d still think getting back into this routine was worth it.

If you happen to be struggling with lack of motivation or are feeling out of your element in general, I really recommend trying to get yourself into a morning routine that works for you. Of course, I think exercising (the kind you like!) is key to making it work but that’s not for everyone. Maybe it’s quiet time outside with coffee, morning stretches — anything that’s NOT work or stressful. Make yourself get up at a certain time and give yourself what you need right now.

Of course, life will change. Babies, jobs, circumstances of all kinds. But when those things happen, you just adapt and make it work in a new way.

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