I’ve been saying it for months — PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN! I guess I’m still getting used to the fact that it took so freakin’ long to realize how it’s all supposed to work.

As someone who works out a lot — especially with strength training — it’s quite sad I was so late to the game. But, let’s not focus on the past! We’re moving ahead and hey — isn’t it about time? Oh you like how I did that? Yes, I’m semi-obsessed with About Time protein right now and it’s for a very good reason.

Last month, I told you about their awesome recovery drink, Pro-Hydrate, and I’ve mentioned the protein powder before too.

Well, welcome to my absolute favorite About Time product, protein pancakes. And they knew me well when they sent me two flavors — Cinnamon Spice and Chocolate Chip. I always always add cinnamon to pancakes so this was a no-brainer for me!

And the thing is, I’ve been into pancakes lately. They are so easy to cook and we’ve been doing the breakfast for dinner thing. Having the About Time protein pancakes readily available has made me feel better about eating them for a main meal. I don’t have to worry about not getting what I need because these things are packed with protein. They have 21 grams of protein per serving!

And though my husband could care less if his pancakes include protein or not, he also loves the About Time pancakes — because they taste just as delicious if not MORE so than regular old pancakes.

I usually make extra so I can pack ’em up in a container to snack on for later. They are perfect to grab as breakfast-on-the-go (seriously, no syrup needed for tastiness), an afternoon snack or just something healthy and light you grab before bed. I keep them stocked up and seriously love that cinnamon!


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Do you ever eat protein pancakes? What’s stopping you from making your breakfast a bit more healthy? Have you tried other About Time flavors?

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