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We didn’t do anything super-exciting for this gender reveal but I guess I gotta tell ya –right?! Okay — I will spare you having to read to the bottom:

It’s a Boy!

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How We Found Out

So two Saturday mornings ago, I had the idea to call up the 3-D ultrasound place and see if they were open. I didn’t think they would be — or have any appointments — but they were.

We trekked down to the office first thing and we were asked if we wanted an early gender reveal. Well, duh! We definitely aren’t going to wait until birth to find out. I can’t imagine!

The 3-D Ultrasound Facility

So before we knew it, I was up on this princess-looking bed in a really nice room with a huge screen. It was all fancy and I was mostly excited because it was the first time Rick was going to see an ultrasound in person.

It was odd because the baby looked so much smaller on this one than in the one I had at 12 weeks (I was 15 weeks 3 days at this one) — but I guess the way the screen was enlarged, that’s how it was.

Anyway, the nurse tech was really sweet and enthusiastic for us and after hearing the heartbeat (that sweet, sweet sound!), she said, “I can tell what it is, can you?” And, of course, we’re like — no. She drew it out but finally said, “See, there’s his little pee-pee.”

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And there you have it — we’re having a boy!

I can’t say I was surprised. I have heard this rumor that more IVF babies are boys than girls but I’ve yet to actually look into it to see if that’s true.

Either way, we are totally happy and it makes it all the more real! Now we can say “baby boy” and cut our potential name list in half. I gotta say, boys names are much harder than girls names!

Okay, I’ll take the bait — got any names we should consider for our baby boy?

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