So…yoga and barre are actually really hard if you do them right. You would think a girl who ran a bunch of marathons and loves crazy, intense heavy CrossFit workouts could handle a few 3-lb weights and some extra long downward dogs.

But I’m a wimp. I swear I am the first person in class to let go of my pose. My legs start burning in barre and I’m out! I stare in awe at the people beside and in front of me, holding their poses for the full ten-count. What the heck?

I’m not used to the burn. This is why I did did “Solidcore” once and said, never again. I hate that slow burn. At least with running, you’re going somewhere. With CrossFit, there’s always an end in sight.

Yoga is slow, long, hard. And I’m the biggest wimp in class. Teachers always have to fix my poses and I’m always sheepishly hoping they aren’t looking at me when I break a move to hit up a child’s pose.

I haven’t yet figured out how you endure through poses and long holds. Also, so many yoga classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes — which just seems so long. I’d love t know how people learn how to hold through the burn.

I feel like I’m the only wimp in yoga, but that can’t be true!

How have you learned to endure through long poses or to maintain your moves during shaky legs or burn? I NEED to learn or I’m cheating myself!

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