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On this blog, I often do sponsored posts and run advertisements. Most of the time, I’m usually a huge fan of the products I work with but sometimes I want to give you guys a glimpse of what I love without anything attached! I have a few favorite things and you might as well get in on it too, right?!

1. Justin’s Almond Butter. I pay out the wazoo for this stuff because it’s so good. You don’t have mix it up with a knife spilling “almond juice” out the sides like you do with most almond butters. It comes in the most delicious flavors — vanilla, maple, honey, hazelnut (this one is dangerous, you will eat it directly from the can with a spoon!).

2. NARS. I have been using NARS “orgasm” blush for four years now. It came as a suggestion from a more make-up savvy friend but I have never gone back. I don’t spend a ton on make up usually but this has always been worth replacing for $30/pop.

3. Turkey Hill Ice Cream. With all the brands to choose from, how do you know? I steer clear of Edy’s and Breyer’s and go straight for Turkey Hill. They have a lot of unique flavors and every one of them tastes amazing! The new, “natural” flavors are my favorite.

4. Chick Fil A. I worked at Chick Fil A for three years in high school and never got sick of them! To this day, I crave those crispy chicken sandwiches, homemade lemonade and ice dream cones. I will go out of my way to get myself a Chick Fil A sandwich!

5. The Limited. I hate shopping. Seriously hate it — online or off. The Limited has made my life so much easier by offering awesome, affordable clothes with always a coupon available. I love their stuff and shop exclusively there for work clothes!

6. Nature Valley. I need a lifetime supply of their dark chocolate peanut bars. I buy a box a week and crave them all the time. That dark chocolate gets me every time!

7. Sprinkles Cupcakes. Okay so I don’t get to this place often but when I do, I’m in heaven. I think they have the best cupcakes in the world. It makes me wonder how anyone in their right mind could ever like Crumbs!

8. Sabra Hummus. You know what I am saying, right? Somehow, no one else can make store bought hummus like Sabra. I need a family-size just for myself! Though it can be pricey, I usually buy some every other trip because I love it so much!

9. Tom’s Shoes. I know, it’s kind of cliche to say this but I love my Toms. I have four pairs and I wear them constantly. They are comfortable, versatile and obviously for a good cause. I’m about to need a new pair too!

10. Fabletics. You’ve probably seen me Instagramming about them, but I just love this brand. They have a ton of unique designs and their capris fit me perfectly! I love all that they offer on their monthly plan and how many cool, new outfits you can try!

Are any of these your favorites too? What are your favorites that aren’t on here? 

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