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I’m pretty sure I have never gone this long without blogging! I guess you could say I jumped into my new job with both feet and have all of my energy focused there.

But I miss blogging! I wanted to check in with you and let you know what I’ve been up to.  Here are a few of those things:

1. Enjoying the Beautiful Weather

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We may not live in Charleston or Miami, but we are lucky enough to live near some beautiful water. Just 10 minutes away from home, the Alexandria Harbor, which is beautiful and a great place to just go hang out. We also had a great dinner at Chart House — highly recommended!

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2. A Trip to Indiana

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Love visiting my parents house in Indiana! They’ve moved multiple times throughout my life, so it’s not the house I grew up in — but it does have all the stuff, and the people of course! It’s big and inviting and I love it when my sisters are there, the family comes over and its just full of love:)

My main reason for going, though, was to meet my new nephew Louis! Of course I got to see Marshall too, always so much bigger and smarter every time I see him.

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I also stopped by Grandma’s house — where my Grandpa is getting ready to move out after 53 years of living there! My aunt noted that…the only people that haven’t moved around are my grandparents so there house is the one constant we all have to return to when we come back to Indiana. It will sure be weird not to have it there. All of my Grandma’s kitchen notes were still in place, her hand-written phone numbers — a long list, scratched out and written over, curled at the edges. I also found this Bible verse taped to the side wall by the phone.

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3. Yoga

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Yes, still doing lots of yoga at Mind the Mat It’s so nice to have a place right down the road with classes all times of day. I had planned on going 3-4 times a week but I find that I don’t actually like yoga enough to want to go that often. Working on it!

However, it is still nice to have an outlet. My back is still hurting though I occasionally jog (it doesn’t hurt but I’m trying to keep it light). Swimming is still an option as well. I try not to think about CrossFit too much because it makes me sad! 🙁

5. New Clothes

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This shirt is courtesy of my sister, Lindsey — but she is selling them as well! She and her husband have built up a great online running coaching business so they got shirts. The back says “Work Works” — as that is pretty much their mantra for getting all those PR’s they both rack up!

Also, I kind of love the tank I’m wearing in the picture up top. It’s a cobalt-color from Fabletics. I’m a huge fan of Fabletics — just know that the tops run really big. I am normally a medium but always order smalls with them!


So…pretty much life has been good, but haven’t been on trips or to any events lately! Tuesday I have a post coming about some sweet new Puma gear, so be sure to check that out.


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