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In order to broaden their horizons, it is the goal of every good parent to introduce their children to as many positive things as possible. We, as parents and from being kids at one point, know that the more opportunities that are presented to us that we can excel at, the more interests we gain and the more fulfilling our lives become. We know that introducing our kids to exciting new things can give them a distinct advantage later in life.

For example, many parents get their kids involved in sports. This promotes a life of healthy exercise, good work ethic, and well-developed motor skills. It also offers an opportunity for a child to chase a dream of becoming a professional NHL player, NBA player, or PGA golfer.

Here is a list of things to get your kids into, and reasons they are a good idea.

  1. Martial Arts

Along the same line as sports, martial arts are an extremely healthy activity. Most all of them promote several concepts that help a person develop well such as perseverance, self-discipline, self-control, and integrity. Martial arts classes are very social events. Kids are able to interact and learn with other kids, and develop teamwork skills as the kids work with each other advance to each new level in class.

Some great classes to look into for kids are Karate, Taekwondo, and Boxing. Aikido and Kenpo may be a bit extreme for a young one.

  1. Photography

This may sound expensive, but, done right, it doesn’t have to be. Just about every cell phone on the market has a camera, plus there are $10 one-time-use cameras at large retailers that work just fine for kids. Did you ever use these as a kid? I did, and it was a blast! Getting your child/children into photography also opens the opportunity for so much more. What’s the point in taking photos of their bedroom?

Photography will get kids on the hiking trails, and out of their gaming chair, promoting that healthy lifestyle that every parent tries to instill in their kids.

  1. Educational Computer Games

In today’s modern day-in-age, the world revolves around computers. It is a superb idea to offer your kids the chance to be “ahead of the power curve” when it comes to computers. Typing programs can be fun and easy-to-use, and they will prepare your kids for all the long papers that come with getting a college degree.

Today, there are learning programs for everything on the computer. From math to reading, from history to science, from quantum physics to blueprint drafting, no matter what level your child is at, there is a program that will benefit them.

  1. Music Lessons

Most everyone has taken at least one music lesson. Not everyone takes to it and continues, but some take that first music lesson and turn it into a lifelong career. Introducing your child to the wonderful world of music will afford them the opportunity to find out for themselves. While there are countless instruments out there, the piano has been proven, for several reasons, to be the best for a kid to start on. First, the piano is great for the basic motor skills required to play an instrument, and will teach them to read music.

Also, many other instruments are exactly the same as a piano, only laid out different. Most of the time, kids benefit most from private piano lessons, due to the nature of one-on-one interaction.

  1. X Games Sports

I’d assume that many of your reading this had a skateboard, roller skates, or a bicycle when you were a kid. Today, those things are taken to extreme heights, literally, at skate and BMX parks around the nation. All of these activities promote very advanced motor skills, and also promote a healthy lifestyle.

Plus, this activity promotes social interaction, work ethic through practice, and high self-esteem. It always made me feel pretty good about myself when I mastered things like the kickflip. Even if your kid isn’t the next Matt Hoffman, partaking in these X Games Sports can have a huge impact on your child’s quality of life.

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