I hope you guys have noticed — I’m not about extremes. Does that shine through?

The more I think about what “the sweet life” means, the more I realize it means creating that balance in your life that maintains a sweet spot for everything you love.

I’m not the person that is going to train for an ultra-marathon. I’m not ever going to do an Iron Man. I’m also never going to go all Paleo or South Beach or Weight Watchers.

Maybe it sounds boring, but I prefer moderation. That’s where my sweet spot is.

When you let go of the extremes, you allow yourself to find it.

It was years ago that I realized where my body wants to be — which is between 145-150 pounds. No matter what I do, it always lands there and accepting that was huge on my journey to reveling in the sweet spot of life.

Being an ambassador for Balance Bar works well for me because of well, the whole balance thing. I love that!

I find my sweet life through:

  • Getting up extra early on the weekdays and sleeping in on the weekends
  • Eating deliciously healthy food every day and ice cream almost every night
  • Doing workouts I LOVE and spending hours on the couch watching my favorite shows
  • I drink a skinny mocha with whipped cream to balance it out 😉
  • Save money on expensive purses and spend it on plane tickets
  • Build strength in my arms and not worry about having a six pack
  • Workout daily but indulge in regular massages
  • Spend hours browsing social media but also reading tons of great books
  • Pushing myself hard in a marathon, enjoying the time off afterward

These are small ways where I choose to find balance in my life. It’s why I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions or diet plans or marrying yourself to one particular product or way of thinking. Every diet or program has it’s merits, but you have to mix them all up to find what’s right for you. I refuse to commit to anything that says there’s something I’m forbidden to eat, or do (aside from obvious medical situations!).

Denying yourself something is the first step to failure — at least for ME. My best life, the sweet life, is the one that allows everything in — and I like it that way. It’s been a process, an evolving bit of thought for me, but I hope you can resonate at least a little.

How do you find balance or moderation in your life? Where is your sweet spot? 

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