It may have made the rounds in the fitness world but I didn’t see much talk about the Reebok “Be More Human”  Superbowl commercial that aired toward the beginning of the game on Sunday.

I didn’t realize I’d seen a preview of a Superbowl commercial until it came on. CrossFit champion Julie Foucher happened to tweet out the link a few days ago and I was immediately intrigued (and retweeted it of course.)


They actually titled the commercial, “Freak Show,” showcasing athletes doing mud races, CrossFit, swimming, running, dancing. In truth, it was essentially a commercial promoting CrossFit, which you know I can’t NOT love! I did see some criticism of the commercial — but I choose to be and am inspired by it.

It’s exactly how I feel about exercise and yes, CrossFit, specifically. The thing about CrossFit is that it’s not the title that matters — it’s the movement.

How Does Exercise Make Us #BeMoreHuman?

  • Agility
  • Physical strength
  • Stability
  • Quickness
  • Mental strength
  • Physiological gains
  • Discipline
  • Appreciation
  • Hard work
  • Sacrifice
  • Goals
  • Endurance
  • Refreshment
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Empathy
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Determination

To name a few — and I could on. The commercial showed a mom playing with her kids, a guy working out after work, a firefighter on the job, a teacher, a disabled man after a hard swim. You see, working out isn’t about burning calories at all — at least the kind of working out that’s more than a light walk on the treadmill. It’s about internalizing who you are, who you want to be and actually creating that person through body, mind and strength.

I realize this can sound a little off the wall. I don’t care. I’ve take this glorious ability my body has to move and sweat and breathe and jump and lift — and found a way to make my life BETTER because of it. This post is for people who want some of that stuff I listed above. I’m not saying you can’t find it elsewhere. What I am saying is that you will find it here.

So…join me. Let’s #BeMoreHuman together. I love documenting this stuff online — see you on Instagram 😉

How does your workout make you #BeMoreHuman? 

PS: Reebok has a really cool site about how exercise affects your brain at

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