Cold weather running. Maybe it’s not rare for everyone — but it’s definitely rare for me. I stick my toe out into the swirly air and step right back inside, content to sweat it up on the treadmill or in the box.

This week, however, I had a dilemma. I laced up and trotted over to the gym in my apartment complex only to find a sign on the door: “The fitness center is closed today.” It moonlights are a place for parties so I’m sure somehow had rented it out for the Superbowl or something.

Oh here’s my favorite commercial by the way 🙂

Anyhoo…the sign left me out in the 20-ish degree (guessing) weather to dry. I had my gloves and jacket on, so I was fully dressed. I went on my first cold weather run of the season — and I’m glad I did.

There’s some beautiful about the frozen — you know? Well, obviously, “Frozen.” But aside from that, I was really enjoying breathing in the crisp air and seeing the authentic, natural art created by pointy tree branches, crunchy ice ponds and gray-blue sky like a scene right out of the Arctic.


I hadn’t even intended on taking photos but everything just seemed so picturesque, I couldn’t help myself. The ducks were just walking on the Potomac like it was a field and everything else seemed frozen in time.

It’s hard to drag myself away from CrossFit for a proper run these days but it was nice that a closed gym forced me to get outside for once in a great while.

8 Reasons I Love Outdoor Winter Running

  • Silence. Not many people make it outside to the trails in the winter so you can kind of feel like you are on your own lonely planet.
  • Refreshment. There’s something magnificent about breathing cold air into your lungs! Nothing like the hot, stale air of summer.
  • Less Hydration. You can go on a long run in winter without worrying about water supply — as much at least! (Be sure you ARE getting enough though!)
  • Warm Body. The warm body/cold air dichotomy is a pleasant feeling. Of course you  have to be moving  or you’ll just be cold!
  • New Gear Excuse. Let’s face it, winter running vies you a great excuse to actually use some of your cool running gear Christmas presents, like your gloves with the little key holder, and the sweat resistant Under Armour hat from Santa 😉
  • Feeling like a Bad A. You will have bragging rights after you brave the cold temps for a run, there’s no doubt about that!
  • Warm Shower Appreciation. After a winter run, your hot shower will feel more glorious than ever. It’s worth it just to work up to that!
  • Beat the Blues. Getting into new atmospheres keeps your body on cue and your mind sharp. Exercise in general will help you stave off depression but the change in atmosphere will also help prevent you from boredom and give you new perspective.


Doing something different forces you out of your patterns. It gives you space and perspective — an inspiration from a different angle. Working out, just like everything else, can become something you do without thinking. I never want my workouts to lose the inspiration and power they give me. So think about doing something different this week and expect to find something new, right from inside of yourself.


How do you mix it up? Have you ever felt like your workouts need new inspiration? Do you have to tear yourself away from any particular kind of workout like me? What new reasons do you have to cherish cold weather running?

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