Aerial yoga. You had no idea I was getting so into this yoga thing, did you? Several months ago, Spark Yoga (in Arlington) emailed me about trying their new aerial yoga class.

Of course anything with the word “aerial” sounds cool and I wanted to try but in between all the busyness of life, I didn’t go. Enter my body’s need for a little rest — and yoga. I recalled the email and wrote them right away to say I was ready to try.

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Easy Parking

First of all, they’ve totally redone the Clarendon area and the roads are more open now — plus there’s more space, and more parking. I pulled up to a spot right in front of Spark at like 5:30pm — not too shabby. Plus, parking is free after 6!

Class Prep

There are some clothing instructions for aerial yoga class. You have to wear a shirt with sleeves (long or short) and no clothing with zippers or buttons. Also — no jewelry! Things could get caught on the fabric and you gotta stay safe!

At Spark, you take your shoes off at the door and put them in a cubby. There are changing rooms and bathrooms as well.

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Getting Started

I arrived for the aerial yoga “basics” class, which is 75 minutes long. I really had no idea to expect and was game for whatever. The instructor was extremely friendly and explained everything simply and clearly.

Each person has a fabric hanging from the ceiling and that’s your equipment for class. How you use it safely can be a little tricky though, so each move has it’s own set of procedures to get in and out of the fabric.

The Experience

While we did some of the same kind of moves you do in regular yoga, they felt different suspended in the air — a new kind of stretch. This class is taught in “flow yoga” style and included things like downward dog, pigeon and dancer pose.

I particularly enjoyed the inversions. There’s something very freeing (and mind-clearing) about hanging upside down (suspended safely of course!).

Stretches while hanging offer a new sensation — and can make some stretches more difficult. You really have to focus on remaining still and in one place so you don’t start swinging.

There are several times where you are almost wrapped up inside the fabric like your own little cocoon. That was pretty comforting and I kind of wanted to stay there and hang out forever — super comfortable like a hammock.

Because it was the “basics” class, there was a lot of added explanation but I’m sure the normal class goes more smoothly as people already understand the moves and how to perform them.

At the end of class, we did savasana laying inside the fabric. You have an option for the instructor to “rock” your fabric with you inside, eyes closed. I chose yes on that one!

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I’m really glad I tried this new class — I think it’s important to always try new things and this was a cool experience. If did yoga regularly (and I’m starting to!), I would definitely incorporate an aerial class into my schedule. It’s something different and works your body in a new ways.

Have you ever tried aerial yoga or another unique yoga-style class? 

In addition to treating my body better with yoga and less high impact workouts right now, I’m also trying to stem overeating at night. It’s negative for me mentally and physically. I was recently sent a pack of “MealEnders,” a new creation that helps you stop eating after your meal. Check out their site and see if it’s for you (I love the cinnamon flavor!) — they’ve been a helpful mechanism for me so far.

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