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Happy Friday! Yes, I’m still riding on the high from last weekend’s amazing trip to the Bahamas! It’s been pretty gray and cold here so I keep looking back at my photos 🙂

So a lot has crossed my plate in the past week and I wanted to make sure you all get a taste of some of the fun things coming up. I don’t normally do “Five Things Friday” but I figured I’d do so today since I’ve got a few items.

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1. The Alum Run
THEALUMRUN™ is a premium active lifestyle road race series that brings College and University alumni, students and sports fans together to run, socialize and celebrate their alma mater in the coolest cities around the world. We are adding new event cities every day.

It starts in Freedom Plaza and includes a 5k, 10k and all kinds of food, music and other activities at the finish line. Check it out for your March race.

2. The Spartan Race
The Reebok Spartan Race looks like a total blast to me — and I really hope I get a chance to do it soon. They’re gearing up for a fun 2015, and have some really inspiring videos, like the one featured above.

They’ve got courses of varying lengths across the country, from short springs to 13+ milers in the mud. The one in my area isn’t until August but hopefully I’ll be able to participate. Others are starting THIS month so head over and find the one near you.

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3. Go Ruck
GORUCK is another “tough” series, created by an Army Green Beret in 2007. They have a crazy variety of events, including ones that are up to 48 hours and 80 miles — but don’t worry, you don’t have to start there. There are lighter, 3-hour events — tons to choose from to meet your adventure needs.

They’ve really stepped up their game and as you can see, there are events all over the country. The cool thing about GORUCK is their work with and commitment to veterans. Read more about that here.

Race adventure lovers would be sorely missing out if they didn’t try GORUCK.

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 4. Be Fit Intensity: Max Cardio Challenge

Need a spot workout today (or one to save for later?) I recently got on the BeFit press list and while I normally get annoyed when I’m just added to lists, I actually clicked this and thought it would be a nice workout for those who needed something to mix it up.

When I’m feeling lazy in the mornings, sometimes I don’t want to leave my house for the gym (like I did yesterday!) and this kind of stuff is perfect for that. Here’s the video:

5. See Mom Run: Every Mother’s Guide to Getting Fit & Running Her First 5k
Okay so this book doesn’t apply to me but I know there are plenty of ladies who read this blog who are moms, or who are intimidated by running — or both. I got an email about this and figured I’d at least put it out there. I haven’t read it but it looks like it might provide some good inspiration for those of you who need some!

The author started a cool 5k Series, “Run Like a Mother” that you may want to check out as well.



So…that’s my “Five Things Friday” — hope you found something of interest in there. I love races and reading all this cool stuff so I hope to participate in some of what I wrote about today. I have done a Tough Mudder before — and loved it — but it’s been awhile so it might be time to dust off off the old muddy running shoes.

Any cool events you’ve heard about recently? Have you ever done Spartan or GORUCK? What did you think? 

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