In the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to try two different three-day juice cleanses. While they were nice to try, I am not a big fan of anything the doesn’t allow real food! Finding a detox diet plan that worked was key.

When I heard about the chance to review the 5-day Reset detox from DL Revamp, I jumped. I generally love the really healthy stuff — raw, vegan, whatever — as long as its tasty. Problem is, I’m not so great at making it super tasty all on my own.


The DL Revamp detox proved to me you can eat vegan, gluten-free, organic and nearly raw for a week and never get an out of control craving for anything unhealthy. Here’s how it went down.

Package Arrival

I was excited to get my delivery of food and juices — but actually forgot to warn my apartment complex to put the goods in a fridge when they arrived. Luckily, they gave me a call to remind me I had cold product delivered and I got home in time to pick it up and get it in the fridge within a few hours. It’s delivered with lots of ice packs so things do stay cold (particularly in January!), but definitely can’ t leave it overnight.


I loved the way the detox was put together because every food item was labeled with a time and day for consumption. For example, “Day 1, 7-8am.” It makes it so easy to know what you need to grab for the day and just have it with you. The package also came with a cold bag to store your stuff in.


Food and Juices

Every morning began with a “Fat flush” cleanse juice that was filled with what I think were Chia seeds. It was a cran-lemon chia water flush and I really liked it. I also started every morning with a full glass of cold water.

The day’s menu includes 1200 calories full of organic, raw and lightly cooked whole foods designed to nourish the body. Here’s a sample menu:


I loved the “power shot” included at 2pm each day, as well as the green detox juices and other fillers throughout the day. There were plenty of snacks, like kale chips (two boxes), dark chocolates, an extra salad, and more. You don’t go more than a couple of hours without something — and it’s all really tasty.


Food Quality

I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the food. It was absolutely delicious! Knowing I was putting organic, whole, vegan, gluten-free food into my body with every made me feel good mentally — but even more so physically.

Normally, my stomach can be easily irritated. I didn’t have a single stomach irritation while on the detox. The dressings for the salads were naturally delicious and all the veggies were crunchy perfection. I especially loved this salad:


I’ve never been a fan of kale chips before but DL Revamp apparently knows the secret because I actually loved their kale chips. Additionally, the quality chocolate they included for snacks was an unexpected bonus.

There was a great variety of food and you could tell it was made with precise care. Each night for dinner was a soup, which was so easy to prepare and eat. As you know, I’m not a “strict” dieter by any means and I didn’t adhere to the 1200 calories a day on this detox.


Yes, I modified a bit on the cleanse. As a very active person, 1200 calories a day were just not going to cut it for me. I ate an apple, bananas and yogurt each day. On top of that, I added crackers and cheese to my nightly soups. I realize that’s not what the detox intends but in effort not to put a lot of “rules” on my self, I did it. I don’t feel like it took away from my experience so no big deal.

One day I accidentally thought I was supposed to use regular milk for my morning cereal so I did. There’s actually a coconut milk in the meal package to use with your cereal — FYI. I accidentally drank it separately (so good, by the way!) — but on my second day of cereal, I realized my mistake. The cereal was amazing!


detox28 detox33

Being on the DL Revamp detox made me realize how easy it must be for celebrities to eat super healthy, delicious food all the time. I say that because they could have their food cooke and shipped like this (or in home) every single day!

I genuinely love healthy food — it just has to be prepared well. This detox proves that can be done, even when it’s not made day of. I looked forward to my 11am “detox juice” and 2pm “power shot” — especially my 4pm chocolate dessert! I also loved the variety of salads and dressings that came with the meals. Here’s some of what this 5-day detox offers.


The 5 Day Food Detox plan includes the following:

  • A Gentle Introduction to Food Detox
  •  Days of Organic, plant based cuisine designed to detoxify and give your digestion a much needed break
  • Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free
  • 1200 calories daily of only the best know detox foods
  • Includes raw and lightly cooked foods
  • Supports the lymphatic system, kidneys and liver to aid the release of toxins
  • Antioxidant and superfood rich

Perfect for:

  • Beginners
  • Someone looking for an easy way to acclimate their body to vibrant eating, or to recover from indulgences
  • Anyone looking for a quick fix



Benefits For Me

  • Clear minded. I had a big test this week and lots of work — my head has never felt more clear. It felt almost super-powered. I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true…nothing was holding my mind back and it was awesome.
  • Energized. I had no afternoon slumps and felt fantastic the entire detox. There’s not doubt putting this good stuff in your body works wonders.
  • Cleansed. This detox will definitely “clear out your system” every morning and make you feel more regular than you’ve felt in a long time. Sorry, that’s the truth!
  • Hydrated. I made sure to drink plenty of extra water — as you should — and I felt totally hydrated, which is one my favorite feelings in the world.
  • Relaxed. A bonus that comes with the detox kit is a package of bath salts, a candle and detox tea. I took two baths using the salts and tried to really focus on relaxing and letting things go from my mind. I think it really help make the experience worthwhile. Plus, they give you a nifty (very comfy) shirt!


Is it Worth It?

The number one complaint folks have about health and fitness, diets and more is cost. Yes, sometimes it does take money to get yourself started — and that’s okay. Your health is one of the most precious things you have possess and you must take care of it.

Sometimes, starting the year off doing something AMAZING for your body like this is exactly what you need to kick your butt into gear. What’s more important to being happy and healthy? Learning about what works for you through doing something intense like a detox can change your life.

DL Revamp has a special $100 OFF offer for folks that want to try the 7-Day Restart detox so use the code below if you are interested in getting that!


Have you ever tried a cleanse or a detox? What kind of experiences have you had with it? Did you change anything about your diet permanently afterward? 

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