I’ll be honest, I was feel a little flab-tastic this morning. I even changed tank tops before I left for the gym because I was feeling “big” (quick tip: fat or “big” is not a feeling!). So I left the house in a more generously covered top. After watching this video though, I kind of wish I’d have stuck with the tighter one.

I used to care SO MUCH about the jiggle and flab. I used to care about my arms being “too big” or my stomach not being flat. Obviously, it still sneaks up on me now and again.

This commercial takes all the body types and makes sweat. Fat, flab, muscle, jiggle — we all sweat and it feels soooooo good.

People tell me they get intimidated to go to the gym because of how they look — or they aren’t sure how to use the machines or whatever.  Stop worrying — you just have to get out there and do it. Pocket your excuses, slap on your swimsuit and jump in the cold, wet pool. Get your freak on.

You’ll feel like a whole new person and you’ll love it.

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