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Ready for 2015? I can’t believe 2014 has come to end! It sounds so futuristic and yet it’s over! I guess it’s appropriate that I watched “Back to the Future” yesterday — it was one of a few 80s movies Rick got as a Christmas gift from his sister (also “Gremlins!”)

**My Favorite 2014 Christmas Moments

You just never know what the next year will bring — so many adventures pop up and there’s always someone or something that changes your life in a lasting way. I’m looking forward to what 2015 will bring.

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In the mean time, here were my post popular posts in 2015. I have to say, since I transferred my website a year ago, I’ve had problems with traffic and blog feeds. I was extremely disappointed in the company that did my site and have even paid a ton more on top of it to try and fix the site. Sadly, I think it’s still having issues but I simply don’t have the time or energy to figure it out. That being said, traffic suffered a lot this year and many posts that should have done better didn’t.

Top 5 Posts of 2014 

1. This Model is My New Body Image Hero

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2. My Response to the Maria Kang Photos
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3. Eating Disorder Awareness & Recovery: As the Sun Rises, the Darkness Fades


4. Mother’s Day is Hard for Some Women. That Doesn’t Mean We Shouldn’t Celebrate it Fully.


5. Life is At the Edge of Your Comfort Zone, Just Like They Say









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